How To Cure Fever Naturally » Effective Natural Cure For Fever

How To Cure Fever Naturally » Effective Natural Cure For Fever

How To Cure Fever Naturally » Effective Natural Cure For FeverSuppose you have come home very early from your work-place to complete the presentation for the next day. But after a while you have a headache and your body temperature is higher than normal. These are the signs that you have fever.

Definitely, you will not be able to go and buy medicines in this condition. Side by side, you should not take over-the-counter medicines in case of any problem. You can check the fever by taking some home remedies. These remedies are useful as well as easily available at home. Get acquainted with these remedies and get rid of the fever.

Natural Herbal Remedies For Fever

Herbal remedies have proven to be very helpful in treating fever. The boiled mixture of saffron and water was used during ancient times to prevent fever. One teaspoon of this mixture should be taken every hour. You may get the same result if you try boiled mixture of basil leaves and water once a day after cooling it down.

A thick puree of raisins and lemon-juice can check fever. To make this concoction, you need a minimum of 20-25 raisins that are well-soaked in ½ cup water. The mixture of ginger juice and few drops of honey is also very effective in the treatment of fever. Triphala choorna is famous for its anti-pyretic properties and you can take one teaspoon in night to get fast result.

Other Natural Remedies For Fever

Generally when a foreign toxin enters the body, it elevates the body’s temperature. A mixture of honey and apricot can be used to flush toxins out of the body. Consumption of grapefruit juice can give you relief from the heat caused by the fever. You may have noticed that your lungs are affected almost every time you are laid low by fever.

Excessive formation of mucous interferes with breathing. Tea made from fenugreek seeds proves to be very effective in dissolving the mucous. Most of the time common fever may be treated by a mixture of water, ginger, lemon grass, turmeric powder, black pepper and onions. Sometimes, frothy milk is also advised keep weakness at bay.

Some Effective Precautions For Fever

It is often said that if you perspire, the fever will subside and to a large extent this is true. This perspiration therapy is easy to implement. Cover yourself with a warm blanket before you go to sleep and don’t remove it until you start sweating excessively. This will lower your body’s temperature to normal and you will get rid of the fever.

But before applying this remedy, you will have to drink plenty of water. Next morning, you will find yourself free of the fever. You can also wrap your legs with clothes soaked in a mixture of water and vinegar. It is a quick natural cure for fever. From all the remedies mentioned here, you can easily select the one which suits you the best. All these remedies have no side effects and they help in curing fever effectively.

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