How to Deal in Cold Conditions

How to Deal in Cold Conditions

How to Deal in Cold Conditions - How to Deal in Case of Fainting - How to React in Case of Fainting - How to Deal When Feeling Extreme Cold | Tips on - Find TipsIn the following series of life saving tips, you will know what to do in case a person feels extreme cold even under normal circumstances and how to react in case of fainting.


If a person experiences uncontrollable shivering, low voice tone, to stumble while walking, shortage of memory and feel tired, then immediately take that person to a warmer place.

Give the patient some sweet food to eat which will provide energy, for instance, sugar, jaggery, honey, sweet fruits or fruit juices are extremely beneficial in these cases.

If the clothes of the affected person are wet than make the person wear dry clothing.

Apply heat to the chest, belly or other body parts.

Even if the shivering has stopped and the symptoms mentioned in the preceding paragraphs persists or else patient faints, then take the matter seriously. Try to consistently apply heat on to that person and take the help of doctor.

But be aware of the fact that never to apply heat in a swift mode because of which it can have effect on the heart.


If an affected person experiences weakness and the pulse rate of the person is 100/minute at the time of fainting, this means that person has suffered a shock.

In this case, lay down the person in such a position so that his or her legs lie above the head.

If a person is feeling cold, then put the blanket.

If the fainted person is shivering not because of cold, then to make the affected person conscious sprinkle cold water on the face.

If a person has vomited, then immediately clean the face. Please remember that the head is placed on a proper position and is not tilted backward. The head should remain in a place where it is tilted otherwise vomiting can reach the lungs.

Till the time a person doesnt gets concious dont force anything into the mouth and also massage the hands and legs.

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