how to deal with abusive relationships

how to deal with abusive relationships

how to deal with abusive relationships - Tips to Deal with Abuse - Abusive Relations | Tips on - Find TipsRelationship is an investment in love and compassion expecting to get the same in return. But when things turn sour, nothing remains but sadness and a broken psyche, especially when the woman has been at the receiving end of physical and mental abuse.

According to a recent survey, more than 15% of American women suffer from physical abuse at the hands of their boyfriends or husbands and sadly, most of the time it goes unreported or hushed down. Take the recent report of Amy Wine house. Needless to say anymore!

How do you Recognize an Abusive Relationship

- A very common give away is physical torture. Even a slap for a little mistake counts for abuse. Or when he hits you without any reason according to you but he has a reason- you are his punch bag; a means to vent all the anger and problems he can’t deal with alone and is too egoistic to ask for help. Combine this with alcohol and you have the classic combo of abuse.

- You are being restricted to lead your life as you want. You are forbidden from visiting your folks, you are required to take his permission before doing anything, and he constantly puts you down in front of others, especially in public, and then later asks for forgiveness only to do the same thing again.

- When it comes to sex, it is more of forced and with aggression. He might make videos or picture in the act and later threaten with them if you do not do as he says.

These and some more distinguish an abusive relationship from a non-abusive one. It puts psychological pressure considerably leading to seeking counseling.

Any woman who faces such situation should immediately break such unhealthy relation. Some things are beyond repair and there is no use clinging to an abusive relation. Save your self respect and move on in life.

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