How to Deal With Common Ailments during Pregnancy

How to Deal With Common Ailments during Pregnancy

How to Deal With Common Ailments during Pregnancy - Morning Sickness, Backache, Constipation and Hemorrhoids | Tips on - Find TipsPregnancy is a special time and we should take good care during this period of hormonal, physical as well as emotional changes. We need to be extra careful as to how we handle our woes then. Women see a number of ailments and side-effects which, though minor, take a toll on us.

Some of the common medical problems and ways to tackle them have been listed below :


Most women in the first trimester experience splitting headaches. This can be stress-related which can be eased by practicing common relaxation techniques. Chocolates can also trigger headaches in some during this period. Triggers as these need to be identified and eliminated. Others, who experience stronger and more painful instances need to see their doctors for professional help.

Morning Sickness

Though no one is quite sure as to what the actual reason for this is, doctors suggest it is caused because of the change the body goes through during this period. This includes symptoms ranging from nausea to heartburns as also occasional bouts of vomiting which might take a severe form in some. Then it must be brought to the doctor’s notice. It is recommended to take small meals at regular intervals and to avoid spicy food. It is also very necessary to drink plenty to water to keep oneself hydrated and to avoid coffee, alcoholic drinks and tobacco.

Constipation and Hemorrhoids

Most pregnant women experience constipation during the term which causes hemorrhoids due to straining of bowel movements. Hemorrhoids can be very painful so it is advisable to prevent constipation. Include more fluids and fibre in your diet and avoid straining during bowel movements to safeguard yourself.

Dizziness and Exhaustion

Lethargy and tiredness during the period is a common phenomenon which you do not require to fight. In case you become too tired just increase your resting time. Faintness or dizziness occur usually when standing or getting up from the bed suddenly or if you are standing for too long. The ways to avoid this is simple. Be slow in your movements . You could also sit with your head in between your knees when dizzy and let the moment pass.


This is a common problem during pregnancy which occurs because of the hormonal changes in the body and due to the pressure created by the growing size of the fetus. Massaging the back along with some moderate exercise helps to alleviate the pain. Seek professionals help before exercising. You also need to sit or stand with your back straight and also remember to avoid bending too much.

Cough and Cold

When affected by these try to avoid popping in pills as you used to do previously. If you are suffering badly ask your physician to prescribe for you the necessary medications.

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