How to Deal With Low Libido In Women- Causes of Low Libido In Women & New Ways To Increase Female Libido

How to Deal With Low Libido In Women- Causes of Low Libido In Women & New Ways To Increase Female Libido

How to Deal With Low Libido In Women- Causes of Low Libido In Women & New Ways To Increase Female LibidoGreat sex life plays a very vital role in keeping your relationship going and also plays its part in keeping you mentally and physically satisfied. However, not everyone is blessed with great sex life. A huge part of the population suffers from low libido problems, majority of which consists of women.

A study has stated that women tend to lose interest in sex faster than men and experience low libido problems. Consistent feeling of low libido in women as well as men can be defined as hypo-active sexual desire disorder. It is one of the most commonly witnessed form of female sexual dysfunction.

Such problems can have a negative impact on our physiological as well as psychological well being. A number of factors have been held responsible for hypo-active sexual desire disorder or low libido in women. The best thing to do is to determine the reason for your low libido and deal with it the right way. The factors responsible for low libido in women can be physiological as well as psychological.

Physiological Factors

Physiological factors refer to physical problems that can lead to low sex drive in women. The possible physiological factors responsible for low libido are stated below.


One of the most common reasons behind low libido in women as well as men is fatigue. Today’s fast paced and busy lifestyle should be held responsible for not having ample amount of time to sleep and rest. The result of such sleepless nights and restless days are fatigued body and hence low libido. You will have to manage time to give your body and mind some rest to beat fatigue and tiredness. This will in turn increase your sexual drive also.


Certain studies have stated that obesity plays a very vital role in lowering your sex drive. Obese people tend to be extremely conscious about their weight and their looks and lose their confidence with time. Women in an effort to manage household chores, family and work, tend to stop caring about themselves and end up gaining lot of weight. This in turn lowers their sexual desire. It is very important to feel good about yourself in order to have a great sex life. So start working on losing those extra pounds to get back your confidence.

Ensure that you indulge in healthy eating habits and exercise for at least 30 minutes everyday to keep fit and healthy. Losing as less as 10 pounds can also help you feel a lot better about yourself. Also remain confidant of yourself and never underestimate or discourage yourself. Carry yourself with confidence and you will feel sexy in no time. Once you start feeling good about yourself, your sexual drive will surely shoot up.

Certain Ailments

Most women suffering from ailments like diabetes and hypertension often complain of low libido. It is very important to take adequate steps and measures to prevent and control such diseases to lead a healthy sex life. Women with a history of such diseases in their family should ensure that they lead a healthy life to prevent the onset of such ailments. Most people are not aware of the fact that even anemia can become the reason for low sex drive. Anemia is referred to a condition by virtue of which the red blood cells present in the blood drop to low levels.

These cells are responsible for supplying oxygen to all other parts of the body. Low red blood cells lead to lack of adequate supply of oxygen to all the parts of the body which in turn triggers weakness and feelings of fatigue which causes low libido. So it is very important to have a diet rich in iron to cope with anemia. Foods like dates, prunes, red meat, green leafy vegetables, etc. are a rich source of iron. Such foods will help regulate the levels of red blood cells in your body and helps treat anemia.

Hormonal Imbalances

Certain thyroid disorders like hypothyroidism can trigger hormonal imbalances in women. Such problems can lead to a series of complications like irregular menstrual cycles, weight gain etc. These problems tends to lower your sexual desire as well. So get your thyroid levels checked on a regular basis and take the necessary medications to solve related problems.


The use of medications like tranquilizers, anti-depressants etc. can also result in low libido. Some acne medications and use of birth control pills on a regular basis can also trigger similar problems. So check with your doctor and stop using such medications at the earliest to get rid of your problem.

Psychological Factors

Apart from the above mentioned physiological factors, a number of psychological factors can also trigger sexual probelms like low libido and dropping sexual desire.


People in today’s era are busy with their fast paced life and hence they fall prey to various stress and tensions. It is very important to stay calm and composed at all times to stay free of all sorts of stress and tensions. Stress and tensions can keep your distracted and lower your interest in sex. You can try practicing various forms of meditation, breathing exercises etc. to deal with such problems. Some forms of yoga can also be practiced to improve your sex drive.


Some traumatic experiences from the past can leave a negative impact on your mind forever. Women who suffered from some sort of assault or abuse at some point of their life tend to lose their libido. It is very important to seek medical assistance for such conditions.

Lack of self-confidence and self-esteem

Looks and family environment can play a very important role in developing one’s confidence and self-esteem. But these factors can also contribute in lowering one’s faith in self. These factors can lower libido also and people who are not confident might live in constant fear of being judged by others. It is very important to put up a brave front in front of others live life with confidence to prevent problems like low libido and to lead a happy life.

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