How To Deal With Menopause Naturally

How To Deal With Menopause Naturally

How To Deal With Menopause Naturally - Common Symptoms Of Menopause » Dealing With Menopause PositivelyMenopause is the transition period in a woman‘s life just like the onset of menstruation. Menopause occurs between the age of45 – 50 years, in some cases the age can vary. It can happen as early as 35 – 40 or prolong up to 55 years. The varying factor is mostly hereditary. Menopause can also occur if you have undergone a surgery to remove uterus and ovaries.

Menopause is a natural process where in the ovaries stop producing estrogens and progesterone hormone, which results in the cessation of menstruation and women cannot bear children. It does not happen at once but it is a gradual process and it is completed when you do not get your periods for one year.

What are the Common Symptoms of Menopause?

Menopausal symptoms can differ from person to person. It can be medical as well as emotional.

Medical signs are:

Irregularity in your monthly cycle

Your monthly cycle varies mostly at the start of menopause. You may get your periods within a gap of three weeks or it can extend up to one and a half months. Keep a record of your dates as soon as you notice these changes and consult your doctor.

Bleeding can be heavier or less than usual

You may experience heavier bleeding than usual and the periods may last longer. It can make you feel uncomfortable, but instead of getting panicky try to manage it by taking proper measures and use sanitary napkins which are especially designed for these times. Heavy bleeding can affect your health adversely, so you should consult your doctor. Sometimes the bleeding is less than normal and the duration of period can be short.

Hot Flashes

You may feel a sudden spurt of heat in your body and sweat profusely and then it stops .It happens due to hormonal imbalances that are taking place in the body. Keep your cool and try to relax.

Emotional symptoms are

Mood swings-You experience sudden changes of mood from feeling happy to sad or low. You might snap at someone without any reason. This is all due to the hormonal changes that your body is unable to handle.

Irritability-Some women feel more irritable than usual and get hyper at the slightest pretext. The behaviour generally becomes unpredictable.

Anxiety-A feeling of restlessness and anxiety also prevails during menopause, which may result in frequent attacks of migraine and tension.

Insomnia-Disturbed sleeping pattern is a common symptom at the time of menopause. It may be due to night sweats and hot flashes. It can make you feel more tired or fatigued.

How to Tackle Menopause?

Acceptance and Preparation is the key to tackle this new change in your life. God made women capable of bearing children to keep running the cycle of life. Menstruation prepares the reproductive organs to perform this task. It works for a certain period of time and then it has to stop, because the other vital organs of your body are also ageing and cannot stand the burden of child bearing throughout life, neither can you. Accept the fact and prepare yourself for physiological changes that take place at the time of menopause.

The estrogens level in your body decrease during and after menopause. It makes you prone to osteoporosis, heart disease, arthiritis etc.Some women tend to gain weight too during menopause.At this stage proper diet and exercise plays an important part to keep you physically and mentally fit.

Healthy Diet after Menopause

Your body needs a calcium and protein rich diet. You should reduce the intake of fats and carbohydrates because in middle or old age you burn less calories due to a fall in your physical activity. You should eat fat burning diet that gives strength to muscles and bones. Maintain a balance between your diet and physical activity. Milk, curd, cottage cheese, almonds are all rich source of calcium. Add these to your daily diet to prevent osteoporosis.

Eat soy products like soy beans soy granules and fish, eggs, kidney beans, black grams etc. to increase protein intake. Fresh fruits and juice will provide with vitamin C to strengthen your immune system, it also helps in iron and calcium absorption in the body. Drink plenty of water; it helps to cleanse the system. Reduce intake of caffeine rich drinks. Avoid aerated drinks to prevent gastric problems.

Sprouts made with lentils and legumes are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Add them to your salads. Eat high fibre diet in the form of green leafy vegetables. Reduce salt in your meals to prevent hyper tension and also eat less sugar to control blood sugar level in your body.

Exercise to keep Fit after Menopause

Regular exercise will help you to maintain your weight which tends to increase after menopause. Form a group of friends of your age with whom you can share your experiences and problems you are facing during menopause. This will give you immense emotional support to deal with emotional upheavals.

Go for jogging, brisk walking or cycling. Swimming in summer months has multiple benefits. It tones up the muscles and is a good cardio exercise. Yoga is the best therapy for mental strength.Yogasanas can prevent diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis plus helps to maintain your youth and vigour.

Do yoga breathing (Pranayama) to stimulate blood circulation. This will help you to maintain a healthy heart and keep your blood pressure under control. Meditation will help you to deal with anxiety and insomnia. It will soothe your nerves and give you peace of mind.

Treat menopause as a new beginning of a new phase of your life and not as an end. You can lead a healthier and more carefree life by preparing yourself to deal with it before it happens. Now that you have taken care of your family and you are considerably relieved of the stress and strain of brining up kids, fulfilling their needs etc. reward yourself by maintaining good health to sail through your old age. Proper planning of your lifestyle at this stage will take you a long way. Make it a pleasant experience.

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