How To Deal With Menstruation Cramps

How To Deal With Menstruation Cramps

How To Deal With Menstruation Cramps - Tips To Have Happy Periods & Home Remedies For Menstruation Cramps » Happy PeriodsMenstrual cramps are something that every woman has to deal with at some point in her life for a particular duration of time. Menstrual cramps or medically known as dysmenorrha, is usually felt in the lower abdomen and runs through the spine and thighs.

The pain is all the more severe during the first few days; however, there are cases where in the menstruation cramps are known to occur all through out the six to seven days of periods. While it is not possible to entirely escape the menstruation cramps, however, there are a few tips through which you can easily deal with though periods making it easier to get through.

Firstly, make sure you are drinking proper quantity if water through out your menstruation. Keeping your system dehydrated only aggravates the problem all the more. So, be sure to increase on your liquid diet, be it water, juice or milk.

If you dislike plain milk, go for the flavored varieties like rose, vanilla or bananas. Ginger also helps ease the menstrual cramp to a great deal. The best way to have ginger is to boil a few thin slices in water and drink this potion through out the day little by little to ease the pain.

Hot water is a wonderful remedy to help you through period cramps. Placing a hot water bottle on your stomach under extreme pain or just a towel squeezed in hot water is known to reduce the menstrual cramp to a great extend.

Next on the list is to avoid the intake of aerated drinks and coffee during your menstruation. These beverages are known to cause irritation to the intestine, which only worsens the condition during periods. Mint is known to help soothe the menstruation cramps; mint flavored tea is a good idea to help your system relax during periods.

Every woman has a different biology. Therefore you can never judge a single set of treatment that will suite each one of you. Weak women are known to suffer more from the menstrual cramps than those who are comparatively stronger.

So, if you fall in to the ‘weak category’ be sure to increase your intake of vitamins and minerals. The best way to do so is to take the supplements that are available and consume during your periods. Now, that you know what it takes to ease the pain, just follow a remedy that suits you the best for a happy period.

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