How To Deal With Sibling Rivalry & Tips To Tackle Sibling Rivalry » Sibling Rivalry : Ways to Tackle The Issue

How To Deal With Sibling Rivalry & Tips To Tackle Sibling Rivalry » Sibling Rivalry : Ways to Tackle The Issue

How To Deal With Sibling Rivalry & Tips To Tackle Sibling Rivalry » Sibling Rivalry : Ways to Tackle The IssueIf you have more than one kid at home, you would have experienced your fair share of sibling fights. Sibling rivalry is not new and is quite common in almost all households that have kids.

Though most of these fights are childish and end quickly, some fights create lasting impressions that grow up with the kids, enough to separate them in the long run.

Most of the time, parents tend to just stop a fight then and there and forget about it later. However, this should not be the case. As in any kind of fight, bad feelings are bound to grow in the hearts of the young ones as they fight and in this case, it is not enough to just stop them from fighting with each other. Parents should take measures to help their kids compromise with each other and get along after such fights.

Instead of focusing on the fight itself, parents should try to shift the focus on the more positive things that can be learnt from such fights. Instead of asking each kid to go to his/her room and stay there until he/she calms down, parents should ask the kids to reason with each other and make up right away instead of sulking about it for hours.

If you are tired about your kids fighting with each other all day long and need to find out a way to help them understand, here are a few useful pointers you can try out.

If your kids had a bitter fight with each other and locked themselves up in their rooms, try reasoning with them one at a time. Walk over to the older kid and try to explain to him/her about things from the other kid’s perspective. Then walk over to the younger kid’s room and do the same.

Cook a special meal for them and urge them to come out of their rooms. Ask them to sit together and once they have finished eating, arrange an outing to a common place of interest or plan a game they both enjoy. This way, you would have succeeded in burying the hatchet then and there.

Controlling one’s emotions is a difficult task, even for adults. Kids tend to show out their frustations openly and you need to figure out a way to teach your kids to manage their emotions during stressful times.

Make them understand that fighting is not a problem, but harboring bad feelings is. Do not let them generate bad feelings about each other. Try to shift their focus to the happier moments they spent with their siblings and how much they need each other.

This would definitely help your kids come to terms with the fact that they need to get along with each other even if they don’t agree with each other at times.

Most of the time, elder kids tend to boss the younger kids around and pick up fights with them. If your elder kid picks on his/her younger brother/sister, make him/her understand that he/she needs to protect his/her brother/sister as much you protect them both. Encourage your older kid to act as a role model for his/her sibling.

Alternatively, you can ask your younger kid to look up to his brother/sister whenever he/she needs help with anything. Teach him/her to be positive in his/her approach rather than being timid and afraid of speaking to his/her sibling.

You may need to take one side during a fight. Be sure that you take the side that is right and try your best to not make it look like you are showing favoritism.

This may create hatred instead of understanding in the mind of the kid who is rejected or rebuffed. Alternatively, try to figure out a solution that will benefit both kids, either directly or indirectly.

Ask your kids to join in common activities, games and conversations. Praise your kids whenever you see them helping each other out or supporting each other. This will help them to realise the importance of togetherness which will in turn strengthen their bond.

Teach your children to gradually stop fighitng for trivial things like toys, books and clothes etc. Ask them to reason with each other instead. This approach will turn them around and they will start to negotiate terms with each other instead of fighting at every given opportunity.

As parents, it becomes really important for us to shape our children’s future. If you are not successful in reducing conflicts between your kids, you need to find alternate ways to make them see the facts.

If you fail to do so and just let them fight it out and get together later, at some point of time, they may just fail to reason with each other and move away, thus creating a permanent gap in the relationship. That is something you would definitely not want to happen.

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