How to Deal with Stoppage of Heart beat

How to Deal with Stoppage of Heart beat

How to Deal with Stoppage of Heart beat - How to Deal When Heart Beat Stops - Heart Beat - How to Deal When Heart Stop Beating | Tips on - Find TipsIn continuing with my series on Life Saving Tips, another set of vital tips, the application of which can save a life even at the last minute.


Most of us have this general perception that when the heart stops beating, the person is dead and do not take necessary steps to revive the heart beat. Heart Beat can stop due to sudden emotional shock, due to drowning or because of poison. If a patient’s heart stops beating and the person is not in the periphery of hospital, try to take the following measures:

• If the pulse is still running and the heart beating has stopped, then apply a cardiac massage to the patient in between the time taken to transport the person to the hospital. Apply this step at a rapid speed which can produce movement in the heart.

• For this, make a person lie straight on his or her back and sit down on his one side. Do not place cushion below the head of the patient and put the face in an upward direction.

• Put the palm of your right hand on the middle of the patient’s chest and place your left hand over the right one. Keeping your elbow straight, put pressure in the downward direction and press the bones over the heart. Lessen up the pressure without moving your hands. Do this at a rapid speed.

• If a patient has stopped breathing and even the heart has stopped beating, then immediately provide mouth to mouth respiration. In between also apply cardiac massage. Continue this procedure till the time the patient doesn’t start breathing on his own. If even by following the above procedure, the breathing process in a patient doesn’t start even till 30 minutes, then it is best to leave this technique.

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