How To Decorate a Bathroom

How To Decorate a Bathroom

How To Decorate a Bathroom - Bathroom Decorating Ideas & Steps For Decorating A Bathroom » How To Decorate a BathroomHomeowners spend a lot of time and money in decorating the house. However one area that is usually neglected is the bathroom.

Choosing beautiful bathroom decor is not only easy but it can help in transforming your drab bathroom into an elegant room that you will be proud to walk into. Here are some steps into how you can decorate your bathroom with ease.

Whether you are remodeling an old bathroom or decorating a new one, the first step is to plan the decor. This includes choosing a style or a theme for the bathroom along with figuring out the functionality of the room. Demarcating spaces for shower enclosures, tubs, sink and bathroom storage is important when planning the decor of this space.

When planning the theme and style it is important to keep the bathroom color in mind. Painting the walls with pastel shades or white gives a classy, elegant look to the bathroom.

The next step is to select the bathroom furniture. This has to be done based on the size of the bathroom. So for a small sized bathroom it is best to go for a floating sink instead of a countertop one. Similarly a mirror that doubles up as storage or floating cabinets and shelves can help in making a small space look considerably bigger.

Choose the lighting for the bathroom. You need not stick to boring conventional lights and can instead opt for beautiful fitting in a variety of designs. Recessed lights around the bathtub can make the area look relaxing and beautiful.

Bathroom accessories can liven up drab bathroom spaces at less cost and with minimal effort. A basket filled with colorful decorative soaps and scented candles can make a beautiful addition to the bathroom. You can also opt for bathroom sets that complement the color of the walls or the look that you want to achieve.

Color coordinate the bathroom linen such as shower curtains and towels to match your bathroom’s style and color. In addition to this, you can also opt for accents like small potted plants, beautiful towel racks or paintings to add beauty to the room.

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