How To Decorate A Master Bedroom

How To Decorate A Master Bedroom

How To Decorate A Master Bedroom - Tips For Decorating A Master Bedroom & Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas » Give Your Master Bedroom A Brand New Look With These Makeover IdeasYour bedroom is the most private and personal part of your house. It is often said that the atmosphere of your bedroom decides if you will have peace or strife in your personal life. When you are at home it is the place where you spend most of your time and, where you rest at night, thus the importance of the bedroom cannot be denied.

When you decide to give your bedroom a makeover make sure you have certain things in mind like, do not make it cluttered or do not make it loud. A bedroom must be in sync with calm and peace, thus try and keep it as serene as you possibly can.

Follow the theme

Before you embark on giving a makeover to your bedroom it is always better that you decide on a theme for your room. How would you like it to be? Whether the theme will be simple, minimalist, antique or luxurious or even chic and classy. It will be the theme of your bedroom that will decide how you should invest in the other accessories concerning the room.

Keeping the room simple does not mean it will be drab, it will mean that there will be no clutter and your room will have clean lines that are not too complicated. With a minimalist theme you stick more on the modern chic style. Here you cannot add more than a few things in your room.

The design is sleek and ultra modern. The antique look means going retro! You can add colors in your room with this theme! 4 poster beds with lots of cushions dictate this style! To make your room luxurious you will need a lot of place in the room.

A large king size bed, an amazing dressing table with beautiful upholstery will complete this look! Chic and classy border more on the minimalist theme. Your room is elegant with classy and rich hues with classic yet neat furniture. So, take your pick as to what kind of a bedroom you want to give to yourself! Take your pick and then plan on ahead!

Deciding on the color

Your bedroom has to be calm and serene as you must be knowing. So, it is better that you stick to colors which will induce sleep and look peaceful as well. If you live in a warm place go for beige or blue interiors that look cool. Green also makes your room look cool.

Alternately you can opt for new metallic colors to highlight one particular wall in the room. Make it look classier by adding silver leaf detailing to the coloring. The silver leaf work goes very well with the luxurious or classy look.

If your room is small and you have to give an illusion of space then you must paint your room in light pastel colors that make your room look big and cool during the summers. Lighter colors are also good for dark rooms as they reflect the light and make your room look bigger!

However if you have a bedroom which has very high ceilings and beams then you can use dark colors to make your room appear warm and homely.
Make sure that everything in your bedroom is conducive with the entire atmosphere. There should be sync in your furniture and the upholsteries and the paint. Nothing should be mismatched.

Upholstery and furnishings

If the paint gives the room a human touch the upholstery makes it look warm and inviting. Your upholstery is like the ornament without which your room looks empty and uninviting.

You can easily add a new life to your room by adding new curtains and bedspreads. Your bedroom must not be too dark or have too much light. If you have a small bedroom then add soft, silky light colored curtains to make the room look serene and beautiful.

Such silky satiny curtains look extremely romantic and add a new dimension to your room. However, if you have too much unnecessary light entering into your bedroom then choose dual curtains. Let there be a sheer white or pastel colored curtain inside and a dark colored one on the outside so that you can cut light from outside whenever you want!

Your bedspreads can give a different look to your room as well! For the summer use beautiful flowery designs to brighten up your room and make it more colorful. Throw in cushions to make your room look inviting and cozy! Cushions can make your room feel incredibly beautiful.

Use interesting cushions with patch works and innovative patterns all over it.
Use rugs to brighten up your room as well. Rugs with interesting patterns add a fresh appeal to the décor and add a certain warmth to your home!

De clutter your room

The buzzword for a hassle free bedroom and a peaceful life as many say, is a clutter free clean bedroom. Feng Shui experts are of the opinion that storing things beneath your bed and adding clutter in your bedroom can result in strife and problems in your personal life.

Leaving that aside, a bedroom does not look great with clutter. So clean your room! Throw away all the unnecessary things and whatever things you have, that you do not need, arrange that in beautiful gift boxes. They help in camouflaging and look good as well! If you keep your laundry in the bedroom then keep a separate covered basket in one corner of the room. It will look neat and organized.

You can also buy an antique chest and keep it on the floor. These chests look amazing and you can add your odds and ends into it and keep it out of the view! Place little pots and antique vases on top and make it look like an accessory for your room!

It will look fantastic while cutting the clutter! Add family photos and interesting pictures into your walls to make them look colorful and interesting. Masks and other curios like plates also look great in your bedroom.

A great idea is to make a patchwork wall hanging by yourself. Simply take long stripes of cloths with different patterns and motives and sew them one after another to make them look colorful and bright and then just bind it with a nice frame and hang it! It will look like a piece of art!

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