How To Decorate Teenage Bedroom » Top Four Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

How To Decorate Teenage Bedroom » Top Four Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

How To Decorate Teenage Bedroom » Top Four Teenage Bedroom Decorating IdeasTransforming into a teenager is like a personal milestone for a child. Many things change during this age – preferences, likes, dislikes and even mood. Celebrating this milestone with a newly decorated bedroom is great fun.

For teenagers, free-spirited, funky and fun designs hold more appeal. But, at the same time, youngsters also try to define their own personality through specific room decorations. So, be patient when you are discussing the ideas with your child. Following are some wonderful teenage bedroom decorating ideas.

Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Traditional Vs Modern

Teenagers usually long for a modern look, but if you are more interested in investing traditionally designed furniture, you can come to an agreement by compromising on the choice of colors and fabrics.

For example, a room with traditionally-styled furniture can produce an airy, youthful look if you use a fresh, light-color scheme, such as pale lime and lilac or peach and aqua. To keep this modern feeling alive, you should avoid using busy wallpapers on walls. Keep the walls simple. If you really want to use something, use contemporary prints. The idea is to keep the ambience lighthearted.

Naturally Smart

If the room is small, a naturally smart way to decorate it is by using inventive, space-saving combination units. Such units are cleverly designed in a way that put play areas, study, storage and sleep all together.

How To Decorate Teenage Bedroom » Top Four Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A good idea is to invest in combination units that are made of naturally finished wood. It will add a warm appeal to the room. As long as the color scheme and the theme of the room are concerned, with this type of unit, soft, contemporary style works the best. The room will produce a cheerful note if you use stylized motifs and bright colors.

Space-Age Sleek Design

Teenagers are forward-looking individuals and majority of them love sleek ultra-modern style. You can use light-colored, sleek modern furniture. It is also a space-saving design. So, this type of decoration can work great even if the room is small.

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Choose furniture with laminated surface. It will help the teen to keep things clean with minimal effort. The color scheme for this type of modern style may include light green and blue backgrounds with a little bit of orange and yellow to add warmth.

Based On Sports And Hobbies

You can also get great decorating ideas on the basis of the sports and activities your teen loves to take part in. For example, if he loves to play basketball, you can design a scaled-down basketball court right inside the room, such as on the wall facing the bed, just above the wardrobe.

The idea is to design specific sections in the room that should be dedicated for the teen’s hobbies. But, since such things take a lot of space, you should use well-designed storage furniture to keep other things in an orderly way. This type of decoration can provide your teen maximum freedom of movement with minimal hardware.

Overall, when it comes to teenage decorating ideas, the options are virtually endless. It is an opportunity for you to show how much you care and support your child. But, do not overlook your wallet affordability. Let your child know that you are always ready to support him or her but within reason.

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