How to Decorate your Bathroom

How to Decorate your Bathroom

How to Decorate your Bathroom - Why Should you Decorate your Bathroom - Bathroom Decoration | Tips on - Find TipsWhy should you decorate your Bathroom? Well it’s the extension of ones personality, and also it’s that your bathroom is a room too.

Have you ever realized that before reaching your office you spend a significant time in your bathroom? So it has to be a comfortable attractive and an interesting place to spend your leisure time.

Adequate Size

Your bathroom should be of adequate size, if not very big then neither too small too. It should be airy and well-lit.


The decor has to be such which is in tune with your bedroom and same applies for flooring as well. You can experiment with the tiles and wall-color. In case you want bold colors then go for Reds, Blues or dark pinks. And if you want somber and subtle shades then opt for sea-green, steel-grey or shades of beige. Or still better design your bathroom on the computer and fill the shades and colors according to your choice. This way you have the option of watching your bathroom in advance and have a fair idea of how the place will look like.

Choice of Toilet-seats & Washbasins

The color is either in contrast or complimenting to the color of tiles and walls. Always buy good brands as per your budget. You have to compromise on style and not on quality. Same goes for the sanitary taps and showers. A branded product comes with a warranty hence they have better life and can be replaced if the need arise.

Shelf for toiletries

Never forget to have a shelf for your toiletries. Have one either below or above the basin. Also have a small wardrobe for the essentials.


How can you complete your bathroom without a huge mirror? Mirror as big as the size of the wall to let you feel yourself inside-out

All necessary amenities like geysers, fan, lights, etc should be well fitted in your bathroom.

Compliment your bathroom with a small Music-system a Magazine-holder, a wall-clock, etc. You can opt for a dressing-room also if you have enough space.

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