How To Decorate Your Home On A Tight Budget

How To Decorate Your Home On A Tight Budget

How To Decorate Your Home On A Tight Budget - Budget Home Decorating Tips » Redecorating Your House On A Tight BudgetIf you are planning on redecorating your house, you should have already considered the overall theme around which it should all revolve. You should decide what kind of look you would like to have on the whole and what are the things you need to say bye to. The budget should also be decided.

It is true that redecoration takes a lot of spending but, being practical, if you are a little thoughtful and if you could work a little, you can cut down to a large extent.

Labor is a very huge expense involved in redecoration. But, if you can do a little work, you can save on this though, you cannot do without a carpenter or a painter. Taking help of friends is a good idea. As far as materials are concerned, before setting out to buy them, decide on the colors, patterns, textures and other things. Skimming through magazines can help to zero in on one among the different available house designs. Decide if the house has to look Victorian or modern. Decide if it has to look colorful and vibrant or just subtle with simple colors.

After this, decide what things you intend to change. This might be painting a wall or disposing a piece of furniture. A clear list can help you save time in shopping. If you want the look to be unique, an unusual but pleasant color can be chosen. Unique furniture, which will also serve the purpose, can be bought. Curtains and fabrics can be changed by picking those of your own choice. A complete redecoration has to be done.

To fit a tight budget, paint is preferred over wallpaper, as it is very cheap and can be used to create wonders. It can even be done by you, without a painter. Repurposed rugs, made of scraps of rugs, can be used instead of going for new ones. This saves money and also looks unique. Mouldings can give a new look to doors and furniture. Change the bulbs rather than changing lamps. This will itself give a dramatic look. Orange lights, diffused lights and soft lights are a few choices. Just do a little manual work and use a few tricks to save your money.

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