How to Do a Squat

How to Do a Squat

How to Do a Squat - How To Perform a Sissy Squat - Squat Variations - Squatting Exercises » The Sissy Squat StyleWith every variation you do to a squat exercise you will work a slightly different muscle group. In other words, there are many ways of doing squats and you should therefore vary them to insure you develop all the muscle of the area.

The problem of just sticking to one form of squats is that soon the muscle will have developed to the certain degree based on the weights you are using thereafter there is no growth. Hence the emphases on changing the routine of squat exercise that you perform.

Do not be fooled by the name of the exercise as it is a really good way of doing squats. It is called the Sissy Squat variation. I will show you along the way just how to perform it.

This is a squat that will test your levels of balance to the tenth degree. Be careful when you first attempt it. Make sure you are using weights that you can manage or you may just hurt yourself. This would only spoil your workout program as you will be unable to workout having injured yourself.

This squat exercise will also work the abdominal muscles, something I think you should know, so that you remain focused through the routine. By virtue of the fact that the abdominal muscle is worked along with the glutes this is considered an especially good exercise.

In this squat exercise you need to start by holding a dumbbell behind your legs. You could also do the same thing with a weight plate in front of you held at the level of the chest. Your feet are apart (based on your height) just a little more than your hips.

This is your start position. Take deep breath and move slowly into a squat position (which is like sitting on a chair). Now for the twist to this exercise: As you move your hips lower down let your body lean backwards slowly, at the same time lift the heels of your foot of the ground.

This is a tough position to accomplish so do not push it too much when you first attempt it. Go down as low as possible and return to the start position.

As suggested before, please start with a much lower weight when you first attempt this form of squat. Till you get the movement in perfect rhythm do not attempt this exercise. Concentrate on form. Once you have got the form correct then go for regular sets like any other squat exercise.

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