How to Dress for a Job Interview

How to Dress for a Job Interview

How to Dress for a Job Interview - Dress Code in a Conservative Office - Dress Code for Service Job - What Should Be Wear for Job Interview | Tips on - Find TipsBesides your knowledge and skills, you should be impeccably dressed to succeed in a job interview. Earlier the dress code for all job interviews appeared to be the same. You would be dressed in a suit and tie, neatly comb your hair, polish your shoes. However, the casual and informal atmosphere of the workplace in recent days is confusing us about our choice of dress for an interview.

Dress code in a conservative office

If you have applied for a job in the finance, marketing, sales or personnel department, you should be formally dressed. Your interviewers would not appreciate a person dressed in informal clothing. Therefore, you should choose a black or dark blue suit. Your shirt should be sparkling white, neatly pressed and properly buttoned. Do not wear something with checks or any other patterns. Your necktie should be properly tied, preferably in a Windsor knot. Wear black leather shoes.

Dress code for a service job

If you are looking for a job in a service-oriented industry, such as retail, where you have to interact with the public throughout the day, although you can appear in the job interview in formal clothing, but nonetheless, you can avoid some of the strict sartorial formalism. Your interviewers will not mind to see you in a blazer or sweater with a necktie tucked beneath. You shirt should be crisp, without any funky patterns. You could opt for corduroy pants or trousers.

Dress code in a liberal atmosphere

If you have applied for a job in the media, publishing or any culture and art related field, you will find the environment of the workplace refreshing, with greater amount of sartorial freedom. You are free to walk for an interview without being decked in a formal suit. This does not mean that you can arrive in your jeans or any preferred casuals. Instead, match dark colored shirts with a colored cardigan with a muted shade. Your shirt can have stripes and patterns. Wear trousers with modern cuts especially consider wearing twill trousers. You might be tempted to wear your sneakers, but for an interview always consider wearing leather shoes with laces or suede boots.


Ensure that you have a well-groomed hairstyle. Take off all sorts of funky jewelries. Make sure that you do not come to the interview with bad body odor, at the same time you must use minimal cologne or perfume. Carry a briefcase containing a pen and a notepad.

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