How To Dress for an Interview

How To Dress for an Interview

How To Dress for an Interview - How to be Confident at Interview - How to Present Yourself at an Interview | Tips on - Find TipsDress very formally. If the dress code is already given to you, you are very safe. Don’t assume that you can go informally to the interview. No, this is not taken. So go dressed very formally.

Generally a suit is the best choice for interviews. By wearing a suit you will have a lot of choice on shirts and ties. Generally, the shirts have to be light in color if the suit is dark. The shirt has to be plain, in very rear cases it can have stripes or small checks- squares, and your tie has to go both with your suit and shirt. Always wear full armed shirts and never bank on half armed shirts. Insert your shirt properly.

Make sure to see that you have put even the first button of your shirt. Don’t take any chances in your dressing.

Use of good quality branded belt is highly recommended. Wear neat and polished branded shoes with a good variety socks.

A small suitcase to keep all your documents is highly suggested. Never take plastic covers, to keep your documents. Carrying two sets of your resume, with appointment letters, relieving letters, appreciation letters, and degree certificates are mandatory.

This should be a good way to present yourself in an interview.

When you reach the interview room gives a very warm wish to the interviewer. A firm handshake should be really good. This speaks a lot on the confidence level you have for the interview.

When you are done with the interview, ask him very positively, when is the next round of interview or when can you hear for him for the results of the interview.

After you reach home, send a thank you note to the interviewer expressing your heartfelt thanks. This is really a gentleman’s attitude. When you write the letter or e-mail be very clear about the words you are using, the meaning of these words, grammar, punctuation marks etc…..

Being professional and kind is the key for success.

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