How To Dress For Your Job Interview

How To Dress For Your Job Interview

How To Dress For Your Job Interview - Dressing For Interview Success » Dress For Success In An InterviewIt is very important to dress professionally for a job interview, because your image is very crucial. The first impression for any interview will be your appearance. As soon as you enter the room, the interviewers first get a feel of your sense of dressing. This can make or break your selection. So even if you speak well and are well qualified, you may be rejected just because of your sense of dressing.

The apparel you wear should be smart but not distracting. Avoid wearing a dress that is real gaudy or contains blinding colors like bright yellow or pink. Usually a conservative suit with slacks or a knee length skirt and a coordinated blouse will make you look like a thorough professional. Choosing dark or somber colors like black, navy blue or brown would enhance your looks. Ensure that the outfit is neatly ironed and the collar and handcuffs of the shirt is clean. The footwear you choose should match with your suit and don’t forget to wear light or skin colored hosiery without any tear in them.

Coordinate your jewelry to match your outfit and avoid wearing big or distracting earrings and necklaces. Keep in mind that the less jewelry you wear, the better. Simple earrings, a classy necklace and a good watch would be ideal. Regarding your hair style, ensure it is clean and neatly tied. Leaving your hair down may be distracting, unless it’s too short to tie up. However it is your call. Use natural looking make-up and wear lipstick that will enhance your lips without looking flashy.

Earthly colors are very professional looking and suit just about anyone. Additionally ensure that you wear a mild perfume and deodorant. You may sweat a lot if you are nervous and bad odor is not a good thing. On the other hand, if you wear a strong perfume, it may distract the interviewers and create a bad impression. Regarding your finger nails, try and get a manicure if possible, or at least ensure that they are trim and neat.

When you dress smartly and look professional, you feel more confident and less nervous. The more confidence and attitude you exude, the better your chances are to clear the interview. Remember, you are what you wear.

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