How To Dress Up According To Body Shape

How To Dress Up According To Body Shape

Every time one has to attend a party or a wedding or an office do, the first thing that comes to the mind is ‘what to wear’? How to dress up right to suit the occasion is a dilemma each one of you faces at some time or another.

Your personality is judged by the way you dress and hold yourself in public. It does not matter whether you are wearing an expensive or a low cost dress, what matters is whether it suits your body and personality and how you carry it. This is what right dress sense is all about.

Before you select a dress, first get to know your body .You should know the size and shape of your body to choose the style that would suit you in totality. Select a dress while keeping in mind the colours, the cuts and the design of your garment.

Know your Body Shape

There are five basic shapes of the body

1. The Heavy Bottom type (pear shaped )
2. Heavy on the Top
3. Perfect Shape (hour glass )
4. The Slim shape
5. Heavy from all sides

To know your body shape, remove all your clothes and stand in front of a full length mirror. Observe yourself from all angles, and notice which part of your body is protruding out more than it should or which parts of the body needs to be padded.

Better still if are not sure, measure your shoulders, chest, waist, stomach, hips thighs with a measuring tape and you will know exactly as to which category you fit in. Once you have determined your body shape, you will be able to decide the right colours and style for your dress that would enhance your plus points and camouflage the weak points.

How to Choose the Right Dress?

Heavy Bottom type or Pear Shaped

Some people especially Indian women have more weight on their hips or thighs. The reason could be many; it may be heredity, after child birth or due to sedentary life style. When selecting a dress you should keep certain things in mind.

Keep the focus away from the hips and thighs. Do not wear hip hugging dresses. Choose a dress with simple and straight cuts. Too much flare on the hips will make you look heavier. Wear kurtis or medium length tops with pants that cover your hip and thigh area, do not wear short tops or tuck -ins.
If you prefer Indian dress like a sari, select the one with lighter prints and thin borders. Bold prints will add more volume to your frame.

How To Dress Up According To Body Shape - Dress Up According To Body Type » Dress Up The Right Way To Look Beautiful

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Vertical or spiral stripes are better than horizontal ones. If you want to wear checks then wear them on top to shift the focus on the torso. Wear monochromatic colours to create a slimmer look. Too many colours break the body in to different parts and can highlight the heavy areas of the body.

While wearing combinations select a darker colour for your pants or churidar and wear a light colour top to go with it. Dark colour will make your hips and thighs look slimmer. Do not wear broad belts or accessories in the low waist area. Maintain a balance by keeping the focus on the upper part of your body. Avoid clunky foot wear instead choose slimmer heels.

Heavy on the Top

If you have broad shoulders or heavy breast and slimmer hips, then you fit into this category. If you are wide shoulders then you have plenty of choice for a dress. You can carry any type of cuts and lengths; just make sure not to wear puff sleeves. Halter necks will suit you if you are slim. But if you are heavy on the breast then you should be careful while selecting a garment.

How To Dress Up According To Body Shape - Dress Up According To Body Type » Dress Up The Right Way To Look Beautiful

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Create a balance by shifting the focus downwards. Avoid wearing too loose or too tight tops. Broad collars and bands will also make you look heavier on the top, so keep the design simple. Opt for dark colour tops and lighter bottoms. Long jackets and skirts or long shirts in case of Indian dress will suit you batter. Wear delicate piece of jewellery around your neck to take the weight off from the chest.

The Perfect Shape (The Hour Glass)

How To Dress Up According To Body Shape - Dress Up According To Body Type » Dress Up The Right Way To Look Beautiful

This is an ideal shape for a female. It has the perfect balance of top and bottom and a slender waist. If you are one of the few lucky ones then you can go for any type of dress. Select your dress according to your height, complexion and style, highlight your figure to the best and show off.

The Slim Shape

How To Dress Up According To Body Shape - Dress Up According To Body Type » Dress Up The Right Way To Look Beautiful

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If you are too thin from top to toe then choose the dresses that are not too tight fitting and sticking to your body. Select something that add volume to your frame, like baggy pants, balloon tops or flared skirts. You can wear any type of checks to give a fuller look to the body. Go for horizontal stripes .Maintain a balance between your body frame and garment.

Heavy from All Sides

Now a day’s large framed people also have a wide range of dresses to choose from. Dress desigcessoriesners are specially targeting this category. No need to feel disheartened on that front. While selecting a dress concentrate on colour and cuts.

How To Dress Up According To Body Shape - Dress Up According To Body Type » Dress Up The Right Way To Look Beautiful

Your dress should have simple cuts without too many pleats or gathers. Prefer single colour outfits and avoid chunky jewellery. Choose slender heels for footwear instead of clunky heels. Wear smart scarves to shift the focus around the neck.

Apart from the shape of the body, height also plays an important part in choosing the right dress. Tall people can carry checks, horizontal lines or bold prints better than their short counterparts. But you must keep your body shape in mind while doing that.

Take the opinion of an expert if you are not sure to guide you in your selection.A little know how and practice will help you to create an everlasting impression by dressing right. Dress up right and make the heads turn where ever you go.

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