How to Eat Japanese Food

How to Eat Japanese Food

How to Eat Japanese Food - Tips to Eat Japanese Food - Eating Japanese Food - Japanese Food | Tips on - Find TipsThere are many dos and don’ts when it comes to eating Japanese food. Keeping the table manners in mind, you are supposed to eat the food in Japanese restaurant with utmost carefulness.

Learning to properly eat Japanese food might be difficult because it takes lot of practice. Below are given handy tips for you to know how to eat Japanese food. Read on to known how different kinds of food items are eaten in Japan.

How to eat Rice

Rice in Japanese custom is eaten with chopstick and in a bowl. So while you hold the bowl in one hand you are required to eat with the other. Make sure that you keep the bowl close enough to your mouth so that nothing drops. It is considered to be a bad manner to drop food while eating.

How to eat Kare Raisu

Kare Raisu is rice mixed in curry. Since Kare Raisu has curry it is not proper to eat this dish with chopsticks. Therefore in many restaurants you will find spoons along with this dish.

How to eat Noodles

Noodles in Japanese style are eaten with the help of chopsticks. And while eating noodles do not dither to slurp. Japanese love to slurp while eating noodles as they believe it adds to the enjoyment of eating the same. But while eating noodles make sure that you do not drop it therefore hold the bowl close to your mouth. And the soup of the noodles can be simply drunk from the cup itself or you may even choose to use spoon.

How to eat Sushi

Sushi dish is one of the specialties of the Japanese cuisine. It is basically rice with raw fish elegantly wrapped in seaweed. Adding wasabi to your sushi is optional. Sushi is eaten in one single bite as it is a small roll. You may choose to use either chopsticks or your hands that is entirely your choice. But any attempts to cut sushi into pieces will ruin its beautiful preparation.

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