How To Fight Fatigue Effectively » Ways To Tackle And Fight Fatigue

How To Fight Fatigue Effectively » Ways To Tackle And Fight Fatigue

How To Fight Fatigue Effectively » Ways To Tackle And Fight FatigueAre you feeling tired and run down? Is waking up in morning becoming more and more difficult? Do you find yourself depending on tea, coffee and colas to just keep you going? Is having fun a struggle these days? Well if you have been nodding your head while you read that, then it is possible that you just have a case of Fatigue and Exhaustion.

Fatigue is something that plagues many of us these days. Feeling drowsy or sleepy is not the same as feeling exhausted. A feeling of apathy is what may accompany fatigue. You tend to feel exhausted at both body and mind levels.

Ask Why

First try and understand what you are actually feeling. Is it tiredness or are you sleepy. Fatigue is usually referred to a lack of motivation and energy and doesn’t always mean that you are sleepy. Once you’ve figured that out then the next thing to wonder is whether your fatigue is mental or physical or both.

If it is mental fatigue then you will notice that you feel exhausted even while trying to get motivated to do something. But if you feel exhausted after having done some kind of physical exertion, like walking or if you are just recovered from some kind of ailment, then that tiredness is more of a physical nature.

Any normal healthy individual can also suddenly feel excess exhaustion sometimes as a result of facing some kind of challenging mental or physical situations. So here are some things that you can ask yourself when you feel that excess tiredness.

- Have you been sleeping late and waking up early? lack of sleep plays a very big role in this. When you haven’t had enough sleep then your body and mind are not ready for anything. You feel outright tired right at the very start of the day. You don’t have energy and need to force yourself through the day to even do the simplest of things.

- Have you started any new exercise routines as this may make your body feel tired and stiff

- Have you in any way overworked yourself at office or school? Don’t push yourself to hard. There is only so much that your mind and body can take. So when you cross that threshold your body cries out and you feel it through fatigue. Your stress levels get pushed as well and you feel emotionally drained too.

- Are you paying enough attention to what you are eating? A poor unhealthy diet can lead to inadequate energy and this in turn makes it hard for you to function normally.

- Is there something in your life right now that is causing you some kind of unhappiness? Are you feeling sad or depressed or frustrated about anything.

What Can You Do

There are simple ways to tackle this problem. And the first step is to Hydrate yourself. You need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Your body requires water to do a lot of internal work like chewing, digesting, to create blood, to move muscles.

Watch what you eat! The food that you eat and when you eat them plays an important role in determining of brisk or tired you feel. You should be including a lot of energy rich foods in your diet. When you have a poor diet your body reacts by strating to break down the protein reserves and this is not not at all good in the long run.

How To Fight Fatigue Effectively » Ways To Tackle And Fight Fatigue

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Avoid lunches that are high in carbohydrates, especially if you have a busy schedule ahead of you. Instead have a protein packed lunch and avoid the afternoon lull. Your diet needs to work for you rather than against you. Its good to include green vegetable in your diet plan. Don’t rely mainly on wheat. Never skip breakfast at any cost. You need to have a high fibre breakfast.

Talking about diet, it is always good to watch your weight. If you happen to be on the heavier side then it is always better to plan a regular exercise routine and develop better eating habits. Exercise not only helps keep your weight issues under check, but it also improves the efficiency of sleep. Exercising about 3-5 times a week for about 30-40 minutes is a good way to increase your energy levels. It also improves blood circulation and makes your body alert during the day.

Be sure that you get enough sleep. The natural process is for your body to shut down after a hectic day of work. Your body needs to replenish its energy reserves and as an adult you need to get at least 8 hours of continous and uninterrupted sleep every day. Avoid too many caffeine drinks. These beverages reduces your ability to sleep. Avoid such drinks at least 4 hours or more before your regulate bedtime.

Making a schedule of your tasks beforehand isn’t such a bad idea. If you have too many energy depleting tasks then it is better not do them all at once. Divide the work in such a way that you get a balance of things, before you get completely exhausted.The best time to do most of the strenuous work would be during the morning hours. So plan accordingly.

If stress is the main factor in your fatigue, then find a way to deal with it. You need to talk things ober. A listening ear during these times will be really helpful. Whatever the situation is that is making you feel stressed needs to discovered and a way out has to be sought after. When you are stressed you muscles get tenser and use more energy. So learn some stress management techniques.

Yoga and meditation are good ways of releasing the built in tensions in your body and will help to relax you and increase the energy level in you. Sometimes additional nutritional supplements like Vitamin B and vitamin C can be used temporarily to protect against adrenalin exhaustion. Also slow down thinking too much of the stressful situation as this by itself can be so exhausting.

Overcoming fatigue happens gradually. Make the required adjustments in your lifestyle. Get the support from family and friends. And even after this if you are still feeling the excessive tiredness then it is better to consult a physician and get a few tests done to find out if there are any other underlying reason.

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