How to File Your Nails Properly

How to File Your Nails Properly

How to File Your Nails Properly - Tips for Filing your Nails - How to Take Care of Your Fingernails - Basic Nail Care Tips » How to File your NailsNails form an important part of our overall beauty and it is for this reason that people with small, weak or disfigured nails opt to use artificial nails to hide their flaws. In addition to beauty, nails are also an indicative of your overall health and hygiene.

Thus, it is necessary to take proper care of your nails, right from keeping them neat, clean, well trimmed and filed to their being healthy and strong. This article will provide you with some helpful tips on filing nails.

It is always a good idea to file your nails after trimming them to keep them in good shape. Choose a proper nail filer and follow the given steps for perfect filing of nails.

When you file your nails, you should always file them in one direction to keep your nails strong. This is because when you file nails back and froth, it increases the chances of your nail splitting and becoming weak. Also, you should file your nails beginning from the sides and finally coming to the center.

In addition, you should file your nail according to the shape of your cuticle. A classical shape is that of rectangular nails with round edges. Though old, this shape is most popular and looks good on a majority of nails.

You can also file your nails to give them a long and oval shape. However, the drawback of such shape is that it is vulnerable to easy breakage and requires lots of preventive measures to avoid splitting and breakage. Thus, you should wisely choose a shape for your nails so that your nails look beautiful and remain strong.

Follow the above given tips to file your nails correctly so that you can flaunt long, healthy, well trimmed and beautiful nails. Along with proper nail filing, you should also follow the basic nail care tips to possess beautiful nails.

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