How To Find A Perfect Soul Mate

How To Find A Perfect Soul Mate

How To Find A Perfect Soul Mate - Steps To Finding Your Soulmate & Best Ways To Find The Best Soul MatesOne of greatest relationship that a man or a woman can have in life is marriage. Marriage is a relation that is carried along through sharing, caring and love. However, for a successful marriage, it is necessary that right type of soul mate is found.

This is because nature of all the people is not same and if there are huge differences between two people with respect to thinking, belief and actions; said relationship is bound to fail. There are few steps that can be taken for finding the perfect soul mate, so as to have a successful married life.

Steps For Finding Best Soul Mate

It is said that a person learns from his past. Thus, before searching the best soul mate, a person should contemplate about his past actions and relationships. It might have happened that he or she was in relation with someone else, which ultimately, broke. There must be some reasons for breaking up.

These reasons must be given a careful thought so that their re-occurrence does not happen. Thinking that other person was always at fault in past relationship cannot lead to any successful relationship in future. Even a person can change his searching grounds. For example, if past partners were found in a bar, it is not necessary that bar should be the hunting ground for searching a soul mate.

It has been noticed that for many people, marriage means sex. If marriage is done for this purpose only, it may not go beyond few months or years. This is because marriage is a relationship that requires commitment in each and every sphere of life. Thus, it is very necessary that a person understands importance of sharing and caring. Even if a good soul mate is found, relation cannot last in the absence of these important ingredients of married life.

Many people believe that soul mate should not be searched if he or she is needed in life. Rather, soul mate should be looked for as it is nice to live with somebody else. If searching for soul mate is done for fulfilling any requirement, as soon as he or she is found, the requirement would be over. In such conditions, soul mate may not be needed any more.

For getting the best soul mate, it is equally important that a person develops a relationship with himself. This is because a person himself or herself has to be contented first. If a person is not contented, a soul mate may not do any miracle and a successful relationship may not be built. For a contented person, a good soul mate can be the best soul mate.

Making a relationship checklist can also prove useful in finding the best soul mate. In this checklist, all the core values should be included. It is also important that these core values are evaluated by a person himself, so that shortcomings can be found. For example, a person may jot down some relationship breakers but may find that some of them are contained in him only.

In such conditions, relationship with best soul mate can end up in a short span of time. On the basis of qualities and virtues that a person has, he or she must include those qualities in the relationship checklist that are required in other person. This helps a lot in finding the best soul mate.

Nobody is infallible. Thus, it is very important that before searching a soul mate, a person finds his quirks, faults etc honestly. If this happens, one of biggest problems of life would be dealt with successfully. To be honest to oneself is bit difficult, but not impossible. When faults are found, it must be tried to rectify the same.

This would help in providing much needed ease to other person so as to become the best soul mate. It might have happened that due to the faults contained in a person himself, past relationships were failed. In such conditions, improving upon these faults becomes inevitable to really have a successful married life and a great loving soul mate.

Even some people make a list of things that were found as annoying or irritating by their previous partners or lovers in them. If these qualities or virtues are worked upon honestly, there is not way a person cannot find the best soul mate.

In some cases, a person may also have to leave certain habits like consumption of alcohol or resorting to abuses etc. These qualities are never liked by any person and thus, are major bottlenecks in finding best soul mate.

When a person meets opposite sex for purpose of marriage, they usually focus on the things that are common to both. For example, both of them can like eating ice creams or going on long drives etc. They start thinking that their frequencies have matched and thus, they have found best soul mates. However, this is not the right approach. For knowing potential problems that may arise in the given relationship, it is important that all areas of life are discussed.

For example, though both of them like to eat ice creams, it may happen that one person likes to work out in morning but other one likes to be in bed for extended time period. This means one person believes in fitness while other does not. This reason may estrange relationship going further and even the best soul mate can get converted into irritating person. If this happens, marriage is going to fail for sure.

Thus, it is very important that while finding a soul mate, proper emphasis is given to his or her disliking. If a person thinks that he has found a perfect soul mate, but there are certain negative issues with him or her, either he or she should be left out or his or her negative issues are accepted. Many experts believe that one of best ways to find the best soul mates is the exchange the negativities very early in relationship.

Last but not the least, while finding the soul mate, the criteria used for selection must be humane. If a person thinks that some angel would come to his door, he is actually fooling himself. Practical approach towards marriage is as important as finding the best soul mate.

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