How to Find Earthworms

How to Find Earthworms

How to Find Earthworms - Tips to Get Earthworms Easily - Tips to Catch Earth Worms | Tips on - Find TipsMany of the people use earth worms for fishing, for feeding their pets, for making vermicompost etc. Earth worms are known as earth tillers or poor man’s tiller. They are mostly seen in cool, damp and dark places. In rainy season it is easy to find earthworms at the drive ways and streets. You can also find them by digging in a damp and dirty place. But in summer it will be difficult to find the earth worms. If you have a pet bird then you have to find worms for them even if it is summer. Here are some tips to get earth worms

Tips to Catch Earth Worms

1. Earth worms prefer darkness and moisture. Roll the fallen logs, rocks or any other dead vegetation and observe the underneath soil for worms. These areas may be wet and there you may get worms.

2. Try to find out the earth worms in area around the pond, streams, lakes etc. Check the areas that are wet. It is hard to get worms from dry areas.

3. Take up the soil from a moist dark place probably under the vegetation’s. Screen the soil carefully with your hand to find the worms.

4. You can add soap to a bucket of water and pour it over the grass. Then you may get earth worms. But it will spoil your grass.

5. Take a thick towel and dip it in water and spread over the grass probably in a shady area. Add water to the towel when ever it becomes dry. Check the towel in every half an hour. You may get worms.

6. Dig a patch of land in a shady area and pour water over for 4- 5 minutes. Repeat this for some more days and dig the soil again. Then you may get earth worms.

7. Make a compost area some where in your house. Make sure that you are making the compost in a dark and cool place. Make the compost with the dead vegetations, leaves, left over food etc. Add water to the compost and soon you can find earthworms there.

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