How to Get a Really Good Woman or Man

How to Get a Really Good Woman or Man

How to Get a Really Good Woman or Man - How to Get a Really Good Woman - How to Get a Really Good Man - What to Wear when Meeting Her for the First Time | Tips on - Find TipsWhen you meet a person for the first time with whom you would like to have a relationship, be yourself. Don’t try to pretend to be someone, you are not. If at all you do this, in the long run, she/he will obviously realize that you were only putting on a face. Then you may loose your face and loose the relationship also.

Don’t dress too much or don’t go under dressed. Don’t wear very funky or sexy clothes thinking that the other person will get impressed by this. No, he/she will never be impressed by this. Max they may comment on your dressing style and forget it.

Don’t try to flirt with him/her, if you really want to have that person in your life. Be serious about your relation with him/her. Maintaining yourself is very important. A good looking man or woman will obviously want a good looking woman or man only. Even a bad looking person yearns to have a good looking partner. So maintain yourself and your body very well.

Knowing yourself well and the other persons likes and dislikes will take you a long way in your relationship.

Don’t be over possessive about your man/ woman. This attitude is never liked by anybody. Don’t be too authoritative in your relationship. This may look nice since you are commanding in the beginning but will have bad effects in the long run.

Try to help your man or woman achieve their goals. This attitude of yours will be highly appreciated. Don’t be too demanding. Be self satisfied.

Try avoiding those things which the man or woman you like, does not like. Speak your heart. Don’t try to hide your feelings. This will not take you anywhere in your relationship. If you are interested in that person, you should actually go ahead and propose. Give enough space for the man/woman. Don’t expect them to stick to you all the time and stay.

There are a lot of ups and downs in anybody life. If he/she is going through a tough time be with them. Don’t ditch them and go away at bad times. These things could possibly get you a very nice man/woman.

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