How to get noticed at your workplace

How to get noticed at your workplace

How to get noticed at your workplace - get noticed at workplace - 8 ways to get noticed at work - Stay Noticed At Your Workplace » How to get noticed at your workplaceIs it really necessary to get noticed at your workplace? Don’t you think that your actions should speak louder than your words and your work itself should be able to do all the talking? But that’s not certainly true.

First and foremost understand that becoming visible at your workplace is a part of showing your leadership skills and qualities. So better cultivate visibility and assertiveness in your behavior. Do not put up any act. Inculcate the habit of working hard. Ask yourself some of these questions:
* Do I sound/act immature?
* Am I too casual?
* Do I sound frightened too often?
* Is my style of dressing in keeping with the corporate code?

If your answer to above questions comes out to be ‘yes’, then make sure you need to rework on your personality. Remember if you don’t get noticed or promoted, it doesn’t mean that you are not competent. May be some of your attributes, certain negative habits and ineffective skills are coming in your way. So, better work on them.

Once you identify what is really needed to change up, start making subtle changes. If you think that lack of grooming is holding you back, work on it. If your body language is weak, you won’t be able to impress the people around, so develop a confident body language. Work on the way you speak, especially during presentations and meetings. Modulate your tone effectively. Make sure to maintain an even pitch, down volume and does watch out your pace especially when you are feeling tensed. Speak concisely and clearly. Don’t use big words just to impress. Avoid giggling when you feel nervous or uncomfortable because people won’ take you seriously. Be punctual and stay updated. Just inculcate these habits and trust me people around will begin associating you with these qualities.

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