How to Get Rid of a Tan

How to Get Rid of a Tan

How to Get Rid of a Tan - Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Tan - How to Get Rid of Tan Lines - The Sun Harmful Effects » Natural Ways to get Rid of Tan‘Wear a sunscreen and keep your exposed body parts covered while going out in sun’ is an advice we all have heard numerous times. This is because the world is getting aware of the harmful effects of UV rays and thus it becomes extremely important for us to take the necessary preventive steps to keep our skin healthy.

Many people who move out unprotected in sun get a sun tan which acts like a beauty blot as the tan can be unevenly spread on your skin and can also lead to tan lines.

If you have somewhere forgotten to take the necessary preventive steps, then don’t get disheartened as this article will provide you with some natural solutions that can help you get rid of the unwanted tan.

One of the most popular ways of getting rid of the tan naturally is by exfoliating the skin. Exfoliation of skin on a regular interval helps in getting rid of dead skin which in turn helps in gradual elimination of tan which has been caused by sun exposure and also by use of self tanner. You can also mix baking soda with water and apply that on the tanned skin to get rid of the tan.

To get rid of unwanted tan and tan lines, you can use various lotions and creams available in markets which have alpha hydroxyl acids as their main ingredient.

If you get a tan, you probably might ignore the preventive measures of protecting your skin from the harmful effects of sun. However, even if you have the tan, you have to give importance to preventive measures.

Refrain from exposing your skin to sun and apply sunscreen before going outdoors so as to help your skin recover and naturally get back to its original color over a period of time.

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