How To Get Rid of Dark Spots

How To Get Rid of Dark Spots

How To Get Rid of Dark Spots - Pigmentation And Its Causes - Tips For Black Spots - Getting Rid Of Pigmentation | Tips on - Find TipsSkin pigmentation or in a lay man’s language dark spots are discoloration of skin that is left behind by pocks, bumps and pimples on skin. Such discoloration can occur anywhere on body and look extremely unpleasant.

General causes of pigmentation are genetic inheritance, exposure to sun, reaction to drugs and also deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Here are some of the tips on how to get rid of dark spots on skin.

Protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Always wear sun block lotion when you are going out in the sun. Apply sun block in every half an hour if you are in the sun for long hours. While choosing a sunscreen make sure you know your type well and buy accordingly.

Skin whitening lotion and creams are also available in the market that helps reduce dark spots on skin.

You may also consult a cosmetologist who can suggest you quicker way of getting rid of pigmentation.

Besides these you can also try out home remedies that also prove very effective in you giving an even fair complexion free from dark spots. Some of the cures have been mentioned below for your convenience.

Use a concoction of 2 tablespoons of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, a few drops of milk cream and lemon drops. Apply this paste on to the skin, let it dry for 20 minutes and then scrub it away. Gram flour has natural whitening agents and helps in making complexion fairer.

Soak almonds overnight in water. In the morning peel them off and grind it properly. Add honey to it and apply on skin. When the paste has dried on your skin, scrub it off gently.

Orange peels are also excellent in reducing dark spots on skin. For this you need to dry the peels of orange until they are crisp. Now make a fine powder if it and add milk. This concoction can be used every day for skin whitening purpose.

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