How to Get Rid of Pain

How to Get Rid of Pain

How to Get Rid of Pain - Tips to Get Rid of Pain - Tips To Cure Headache - Tips To Treat Migrane | Tips on - Find TipsTIPS TO TREAT SWELLING & HUSHED WOUND

- In order to treat a hushed wound, take one glass of lukewarm water and add two gram of crushed turmeric powder. Then apply it on the affected area. With it there will be no swelling and pain in the wound.

- If swelling has appeared on the wound, then take one teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix it with five grams of oil and prepare one piece. Then place this piece on a hot frying pan, place it on the swollen area and tie a cloth around it. You will feel comfortable in the first instance itself. Try this method for few days which will completely remove the pain and swelling in your wound.


- Take at least ten to fifteen basil leaves and two to three pieces of black pepper. Crush both of them and smell the aroma of the mixture.

-Burn one piece of camphor in pure clarified butter (desi ghee). Massage it on your head and forehead two times in a day. This method will instantly relieve your headache.

- Take a root of black basil plant, if available and after grinding it add 2-3 drops of water. Apply the paste at least three times a day on your forehead and you will feel the difference.


- Take one raw black pepper and burn it on top of candle. When smoke starts emanating from the pepper, smell its fragrance.


- It has been often observed that in the hot weather, bloods starts coming out of nose. To treat this condition, take 50 gm of coriander leaves and extract its juice out of it. Add 20 gm of sugar candy in it. Drink the mixture at least twice a day and repeat the entire process continuously for three to four days.

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