How to Get Rid of Worms

How to Get Rid of Worms

How to Get Rid of Worms - Home Remedies For Worms & Natural Ways to Treat Worms » Treatment for WormsFirst of all, treating a person infested with worms requires diagnosis of the cause for this infestation. After finding out the cause, you must correct it. This only means correcting the living conditions, which may be unhygienic. Also ensure that you are cooking the meats and other dishes intensely and in the right manner.

Though you can get rid of the worms from your system rather easily, this is not enough to get a relief from the disease because you have to clean up the living conditions which may be causing the disease. Make sure not to eat foods which have been highly polished like white flour, cane sugar, vegetables that are prepared in plenty of water, peeled potatoes, cakes, ice cream and all kinds of meat, as the nutrients which can tackle the worms are present in the things which we discard.

To treat worms, if you are suffering also from constipation, take some herbal laxatives and get a relief so that worms can also be flushed out. You can fast for two or three days, eating only seeds of Pumpkin. You can eat even a pound of seeds per day.

For treating the worms, use slippery elm, tea made from White-Oak Bark or Fennel Seed, which will flush away the worms. Consume Onion Juice, cut the Onion and soak it in water for twelve hours, and take the juice out of it. Use this juice regularly for four days. It can get rid of all worms. You should be fasting while taking this juice.

There are herbal medicines which can help you treat infestation of worms. One of these is Camomile which drives out worms and tones up the stomach, stimulates appetite and digestion. Similarly, Wormwood can throw out worms, besides helping people with digestive problems and loss of appetite. Without taking extra doses, only use prescribed dose of this herbal medicine. Worms hate Fennel Seeds, since for worms it works like a sedative and with the use of a laxative, they can be flushed out. Besides Fennel Seed is a tonic for your stomach and can strengthen the digestive system.

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