how to Get your Best Body

how to Get your Best Body

how to Get your Best Body - Upper Body Workouts - Strength Training Exercises - Get your Best Body Fast » Get Your Best BodyEverybody looks through the pages of the glossy magazines to ogle at beautiful bodies and body-beautiful is something all of us secretly aspire towards, no matter how much we like to trash those openly pursuing trendy diets and latest fitness machines in their quest for a hot-bod! However, if you want to actually get those admiring glances women cast the way of your gym-buddy, then you’ve got to learn how to discipline yourself with the most effective workouts for your type of body.

Perhaps, you’ve tried aerobics and Pilates, Power Yoga and Kickboxing, the treadmill and weights for strength training besides targeting muscle groups without much avail. So, why not concentrate on getting the best mix from all proven exercise methods and combine these into your regular workout program to get your best body?

It’s worth a shot as you get closer to your fitness ideals and these also make working out enjoyable.

Begin with high knees exercise for full body toning after your warm-up: this requires you to jump as high as possible in one move in order to bring up knees close to the chest for 10 reps. This exercise shows the best benefits after your leg muscles have been worked out already, so perhaps in the second week, try doing forward and side lunges before doing the high knees! Alternately, you can combine this exercise with a set of squats and avoiding rest periods for achieving your best body faster.

Besides the above, you can do the Body Weight Squat with a barbell for extra toning. For this, you need to stand with legs apart (at shoulder-width distance) and lift the barbell above you to rest it at the back of your head; look at a point directly in front of you while you do this exercise to avoid a slump and slowly squat till the you’re your upper thighs are parallel to the ground. Ensure your movement is smooth and heels are grounded; pause for a couple of seconds before rising gradually while also straightening your legs to resume start position.

Incorporate skip-rope (great for cardio) and a series of relaxation exercises twice a week for variety in routine in addition to the above exercises to get your best body.

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