How to Give First Aid During a Heart Attack

How to Give First Aid During a Heart Attack

How to Give First Aid During a Heart Attack - First Aid Treatment For Heart Attack - First Aid for Heart Attack | How to - How to SolutionsWhen a heart attack happens to somebody, one must be well versed with knowledge on how to render first aid.

Ignorance of these simple first aid methods has lead to the revocable demise of millions of people. Also, rudimentary knowledge of first aid methods has resulted in improper rendering of first aid services, which is of no use in the first place.

A level of awareness of first aid procedures is desirable in any household / office / establishment. Even though first aid knowledge for all kinds of health related events is not required, first aid knowledge for heart attacks is of utmost importance.

The need of the hour is to inculcate first aid treatment knowledge and proper practice from the school level itself. Giving a first aid during a heart attack is not easy, but it helps at most times. Here’s how to give first aid during a heart attack.

1) Place the patient on his back. Raise his legs to an elevated resting position. This will make blood flow to the heart.

2) Place your palm on the patient’s chest below the breast. Press your palm with your other hand in a pumping motion. Repeat several times. Check for signs of pulse. If there is no pulse then you can try Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

3) To give CPR, tilt the head of the patient up. Use your thumb and index fingers to tightly shut the nostrils of the patient. Lock your mouth over the patient’s mouth firmly. Breathe into the patient’s mouth, and try to inflate the patient’s chest with air. Keep repeating this procedure until you can see signs of the person breathing again.

4) If possible place one tablet of nitroglycerin under the tongue. Give at least 3 tablets in 10 minutes. If the patient is in a position to chew, give aspirin to chew on.

5) Loosen the patients clothing. Help the patient into a half-resting position. Don’t make the person lie down in a sleeping position.

6) Call 9-1-1

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