How to Give Medicine to a Bird

How to Give Medicine to a Bird

How to Give Medicine to a Bird - Techniques of Giving Medicine to a Bird - Method of Giving Medications to a Bird | Tips on - Find TipsIf you are rearing a bird then you must be prepared to give medicines to your pet. Holding a bird itself is a tricky process. You have to talk to your veterinarian before giving any medicines to your bird. He will show how to hold your bird and administer medicines. Depending on the behavior and size of the bird the method of giving medications will also vary.

1. Consult your veterinarian and ask him about the techniques of giving medicine. He can advise you the best possible way. He may also demonstrate you the process. Get a clear note about the dosage and timing of the medication.

2. Keeping every thing ready before catching your pet. Take the correct dose of medicine in a syringe and keep it aside in a safe place where you are planning to give medication to your pet. Try to keep your bird for a short time so that it will reduce the uncomfortable feeling of the bird. Never hold its chest tightly as it may cause respiratory problems.

3. Use a thick towel to hold the bird as it will help you to avoid biting. Keep your index finger and thumb on either side of the beak and press it gently so that the bird may open its beak.

4. Now insert the syringe tip in to the mouth. Drop the medicine along the side of the mouth. Care should be taken to not plunge the medicine in to the air ways.

5. If your bird is ready to take medicines along with the water then it will be easy for you.

6. You can also hide the medicines with in their food. Some of them will take the food with out any restriction.

7. Certain birds will take medicines from the liquid dropper when sitting in their cage or on their owner’s hand.

Avoid other pets in the room while giving medication to your bird. Never try any medication without your doctor’s advice. It may harm your bird.

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