How To Grill Corn

How To Grill Corn

How To Grill Corn - How To Boil Corn - Grilling Corn Tips - Ways To Grill Your Corn » How to Grill CornIf there is something to eat you’ll think of with the approaching of summer, it has to be corn. Boiled corns tarnished with butter and seasoned with salt and pepper brings water to one’s mouth. Corn on the cob is as better as it can get.

Grilled corn is not only tasty and delicious in itself, but also adds an elegant and exotic touch to your dishes and can be used as effective toppings. If you are wondering on the ways in which corn can be grilled, then the following tips can help you out.

To grill corn, you don’t need extensive ingredients or heavy preparation. All you need is corn on the cob, olive oil, salt and pepper. There are many ways to grill your corn: cooking in husks, first boiling and then grilling, or boiling or grilling in a foil. All are simple and easy methods. There are many views on whether one should grill corn with the husk or without it. While some believe that the husks prevent the delicate kernels from harsh heat, there are others who enjoy and prefer the live-fire flavor of corn. You can have your pick according to your taste.

To grill corn on gas, you first need to preheat the gas grill to heat up the grate. Strip the corn husk all the way to the stem to expose the corn kernels. Rinse the ear of the corn well and pull the outer husks back over the corn. This method is for cooking and grilling corns with husks. It involves soaking the ears of corn in water for about 30 minutes and then grilling over medium low heat. It usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the delicious grilled corn to be ready.

If you believe in removing husks and cooking corn directly over the grill, then here are some tips you can follow. First, completely husk the ears and wash well. Boil in large water pot for about 10 minutes and then grill the ears. Whatever be the mode of cooking you follow, grilled corn on the cob is always a delight for the taste buds.

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