How to Handle a Cranky Toddler

How to Handle a Cranky Toddler

How to Handle a Cranky Toddler - How To Deal With Your Cranky Child & What Causes Cranky Behavior in Children » Handling a Cranky ToddlerAs a first time mother it always comes as a surprise when you see your otherwise angelic, energetic toddler turn into a possessed Chucky like doll, shouting and throwing things at you. The chaos is compounded with you shrieking “Nos!!” and “Stop its!!” back at him.

And with all the sleeplessness and anxiety in your life, don’t you honestly feel like just whacking some sense into your cranky child, or at least reprimand him, call him a bad boy. Well don’t, because, believe it or not, there is a method in his madness. And as his mother it is your job to investigate his mood swings, and fix what is bothering him.

Be assured your toddler will never cry without a reason. Just like there is always a reason when you fly off your handle, so will he. In fact, this sort of behavior starts when his patience with you has completely worn out. And since your toddler can’t speak or ask for help, this is his desperate attempt at communicating his discomfort to you.

As his mother, he expects you to understand his every whim and fancy, and more importantly the reason for it. So the next time your child suddenly throws such a tantrum. Stop and observe him. What is wrong? Well many things could be. For starters check his diaper. There are high chances that your poor toddler is sitting in a soiled or dripping wet diaper. He could also be very thirsty or even hungry. Try feeding him. On the other hand, if you were feeding him when he started acting up, then stop. Your toddler is clearly not enjoying his meal, or has had his fill. If that doesn’t improve his mood, a quick trip outside surely will.

Kids his age are fascinated by the noise and colour of the big loud world we live in. Distract him by taking him for a walk, or even just near a window. The rhythm of activity outside will make him forget his anger, and may even lull him to sleep. However, should he indulge in this behavior outdoors, say in the car, or at the park or even in the market, then understand that apart from the usual reasons, there could be something scaring your child. The best thing to do then is to keep him close to you till he is confident enough to get back to exploring on his own.

Sometimes this behavior is a sign of extreme fatigue, that your little one is simply too tired and wants you to make him sleep. If this is the case, then darken his bedroom, give him his favourite toy and do just that. While you are at it gently massage his legs and hands, because everyone, including toddlers love a good rub.

One thing that always improves my toddler’s mood is a quick splash in the basin or tub, as he simply loves water. Even putting on the television or even some music helps him calm down. Should your child start shrieking in the middle of a play session, then immediately check for possible bruises, nicks and cuts. Look for insect and ant bites as well.

If the above don’t work, then as a last resort try giving him some gripe water, as it could be a stomach pain or even gas. Taking him on your shoulder should help, if a stuck burp is causing him discomfort. However, should you notice symptoms of a fever building up, then the safest thing to do is give him some baby paracetamol, and take him to a doctor immediately.

Remember irrespective of what is bothering him, just the fact that you are holding him close and whispering things in his ear or even just talking to him, through the whole ordeal, will help you both stay composed. Keep in mind that toddlers may not understand words, but they do understand tones.

So, make sure that no matter how he behaves, you always talk to him in soothing and soft tones. Raising your voice and even thumping him will do nothing to improve the situation, instead leave you both even more frustrated.

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