How to Have Beautiful Nails

How to Have Beautiful Nails

How to Have Beautiful Nails - Care for Nails - Tips for Achieving Healthy & Beautiful Nails | Tips on - Find TipsOften people do not pay much attention to the nails. Nails too need a little bit of care to look beautiful. Caring nails is not at all time consuming and difficult.

Here I have given few handy tips for care of nails.

* Instead of clipping to shorten the nails, always use emery board to file them.

* Another important tip to remember is never file your nails in wrong direction otherwise your nails can become brittle and weak.

* Avoid filing your nails to a sharp point rather shape them according to the shape of the base. For round base, file them to a round shape and fr square shaped base, nails should be square shaped.

* Avoid over filing of nails.

* Before manicure, first dip them in warm oil for 10 minutes. This action will save nails from over drying while dipping in detergent.

* Take care how you are using your hands as wrong use will make your nails dry and brittle. Put hand gloves before doing any washing and laundry work.

* Now this one is just like a rule for nail care; never apply new nail paint over old nail paint.

* For a healthy break, at least once a month, keep your nails free from any nail paint.

* And yes, do not ignore diet as that is the most important thing to achieve health of your nails. Protein and calcium are very important nutrients for the growth and strength of the nails.

* Drink plenty of water daily to save your nails from dehydration.

* Daily massage with almond oil or olive oil is a good measure to keep your

nails glowing and supple.

* Regularly dip your nails in lemon juice or vinegar to strengthen them.

* Push the cuticles back and apply the top coat daily to protect the nail tips.

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