How to Have Good Sex

How to Have Good Sex

How to Have Good Sex - How To Spice Up Your Sex Life - Relationships and The Bedroom - How to Have a Happy Sex Life » Do you have a good sex life?There is no doubt about it – good sex means a happy life. It’s a sad fact that we feel the need to compare our lives to the lives of others. You might be satisfied with the sex you are having.

However, your neighbours might tell boastful tales of wild, passionate sex that they have night after night. Don’t let yourself become jealous. It’s your sex life, it’s not a competition. If you are happy and satisfied, you are a winner either way.

There’s no keeping score in sex.

While there is certainly no “right” amount of sex to be having, there are a few different signs that can tell you if you are becoming bored of your sex life. They will help you decide if you have a happy sex life.

Do you have a good partnership?

Sex is not everything. Sure, it’s arguable that sex is the most important act on the planet. It’s necessary for life. It’s always on our minds. It seems to be one of the biggest things on the planet – sex is important to people.

Okay so a good sex life is important. If you don’t have a good relationship outside the bedroom you cannot possibly have a healthy relationship in the bedroom.

You cannot create a meaningful relationship based purely around sex. This is because our desires, passions and sexual tastes stem from our emotions. Good sex comes from feelings of tenderness and love. Make sure you have a good solid relationship with your partner and good sex should follow.

Don’t let things become stagnant in the bedroom – spice it up a bit!

If you are feeling the drag of a long term relationship – you need to keep it interesting. There are many things in life that can stress out and get us down. Don’t let your sex life become boring.

Try some experimentation in the bedroom – or perhaps even outside the bedroom! You don’t need to go too far. Keep it within your comfort zone and make sure you discuss things with your partner first.

Why not try out some new sexual positions? Perhaps you might like to look at buying some sex toys? There are many different ways to spice up your sex life.

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