How to Have Soft Feet

How to Have Soft Feet

How to Have Soft Feet - Tips to Have Soft Feet - How to Get Soft Feet - How to Get Preety Feet | Tips on - Find TipsOn an everyday basis one tends to overlook the care one need to give to feet. This is the reason why most of the people do not have nice looking and soft feet. To have pink and soft feet you really need to put in some time in pampering your feet. Below are given some of the tips to have soft feet. Read on to know more.

Step 1

Soak your feet in lukewarm water for 20 minutes and relax. This will make your feet soft and easy to clean.

Step 2

Scrub your feet with pumice stone all over. This is help you get rid of the dead skin. Also clean the corners of your nails.

Step 3

Remove all the dirt and grime from the nails. You may use hydrogen peroxide to take off the grime. Trim and file them nicely in a neat shape.

Step 4

Generously apply moisturizing cream onto your feet and wear socks so that dirt does not stick to the greasy cream. After an hour or so you can wipe off your feet with a clean damp cloth.

Step 5

Now apply a nail polish to your toe nails. It does not only make your feet look pretty but also hides the dirt that will settle after a couple of days.

Pay attention to calluses

To have soft feet it is important that you work upon the calluses. Many a times while cleaning feet one ignores the stiffness of the calluses. Being the roughest region of the feet it is important that one pays enough attention to make the callus soft and free from dry and dead skin. Make use of pumice stone and other scrubs available in the market to make callus soft.

Treat Fungus

Be careful of the fungus that can grow in your toenails. Generally toenails that are broken and pale easily get fungus. To treat this problem you can either visit a physician who will prescribe you anti-fungus ointment or if the problem is mild you can even apply petroleum jelly onto your toe.

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