How To Help Your Child Through Puberty

How To Help Your Child Through Puberty

How To Help Your Child Through Puberty - Parenting Tips For Puberty ProblemsOne of the major tasks of moms while parenting their kids is the phase of puberty. It is a very significant and a changing period, especially for daughters.

Also, it is important for mothers to know how to help her child through this critical phase of her life. In simple words, it can be said that puberty phase of the child is one of the challenging tasks of parenting.

Your children will have a lot to ask you about the changes they explore in their body and you have to be ready with satisfying answers. A lot of times, mothers aren’t able to answer them honestly or quite possibly don’t have an answer themselves.

Here, it becomes a lot difficult and stressful for the child. The period of puberty between childhood and adulthood often makes the child conscious of their body and also decreases their self-confidence. If not guided properly, it can be a stage of confusion for your daughter and sons to go through such major changes.

Not only will your children go through imperial physical changes, but they will also be facing a lot of emotional alterations as well. As a parent it is your utmost responsibility to make the puberty phase as smooth as possible for your child.

Here are some of the simple tips that will help you get your child through puberty without any hassles

Start talking about sexual changes and puberty at an early stage

Kids nowadays are anyways exposed to all kinds of news and information about sex and sexual procedures. So, as a mother you should not hesitate in talking to your daughter and son about the sexual changes during puberty. It is very important that they get all the information from a source they trust. Television and internet might help them in knowing a lot of things, but nothing can be more reliable than parents.

Before your child starts questioning you about the bodily changes they are facing, you approach them. In many cases, it has been seen that children feel a little shy in talking about such a sensitive issue. If you want to behave as a responsible parent, you start the discussion with her/him. Be open and frank about everything and make them aware about the puberty changes as early as possible, even before the phase starts.

Be honest and frank

It is very significant that you answer your children honestly and frankly about any queries they have. Be available for them at any time they need you. Along with this, take out time for special discussions and explain them the phase of puberty. Any questions that you might not be able to answer should be solved by taking your child to a doctor.

Be aware of the timing

The timing for puberty in boys and girls are a little different. Girls get into this stage before boys do. Girls should be made aware of the menstruation period before they start menstruating since the sight of blood can scare them. Also, you have to remember that the physical changes in boys are visible a little later as compared to girls.

Therefore start preparing your girl child first followed by your son. Keep a track of the timing when they will go through the necessary changes. This will help you guide them easily.

Girls can face the first menstruation anytime from the age of 9 to the age of 16 depending upon her body developments. On the other hand, where boys are concerned, they have their first ejaculation at the age of 11-12 years. As a parent, you should also make sure that your daughter knows about the changes that takes place in boys and vice versa.

Helping them with the following changes

There are some visible changes that your child will go through in the phase of puberty. It is very important to help through each of the change so that they don’t feel lost. Here are some of the major alters that take place-

Sexual changes

Provide them with all kinds of reliable sources to know more about the sexual changes. Not only should you talk to them openly about the topic of sexual maturity but also give them a chance to learn more through books, television and internet.

Assure them that the changes that are taking place are normal and that every child goes through the same state sooner or later. Boys should be made aware about the ejaculation process whereas the girls should know everything about the menstruation period.

Eating habits

There are certain forms of eating disorders that are very common in children during puberty. This problem is especially found in girls. It is very important to have a proper diet during this period as it reflects growth and development in a child. Healthy and low fat foods will work wonders for children. Don’t force anything upon them and neither comment on their body.

In case you find an eating disorder, it is best to consult a doctor over it.

Acne and skin changes

Another visible change during puberty is the formation of acne. This can prove to be very embarrassing for the child. Help them bring this problem under control by seeking professional help and using some safe acne control medications.

Weight changes

Weight gain is a common problem in puberty. Make sure your child exercises daily and participate in sports as much as possible. Here, it is better to be a good role model and follow some healthy activities on your own. This will definitely motivate the child.

Reassurance is imperial

It is very important for parents to know what to say to the child and what to avoid. Help them overcome their insecurities by assuring them. Also, make them realize that they aren’t the only ones going through such a phase of life and that puberty is a part of normal growth.

Revise your information

Make sure that you know what you are going to teach them. The information should be totally genuine and correct. For this, you will have to work a little hard as a parent and keep a track of all the scientific knowledge and information possible.

These simple suggestions will help you guide your child in the best possible way where puberty is concerned.

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