How To Identify And Deal With A Bad Marriage » Signs Of Bad Marriages

How To Identify And Deal With A Bad Marriage » Signs Of Bad Marriages

How To Identify And Deal With A Bad Marriage » Signs Of Bad MarriagesMarriage! An institution which is hated by most of the population in today’s world whether it’s United States of America or India. Studies show that almost 80% of the marriages face problems throughout the lives of the two partners. Reasons for the Bad Marriages could be innumerable.

Sometimes it is because of ego clashes, sometimes because of extra marital affairs, and there could be a lot many more reasons. Seeing all this many of the youngster’s decide not to indulge themselves into this troublesome phenomenon. They are scared of tying the knot.

Bad marriages are found mostly in the countries which follow the western culture. These countries are modern and the citizens are independent and therefore if they are unhappy with their marriage they have many ways to get out of it.

What Are The Signs Of Bad Marriages

When a feeling of dissatisfaction starts creeping inside one or both the partners there is some trouble knocking the door and soon one starts getting indications that the marital life is losing its charm.

Once marriage starts facing troubles, everything goes wrong. Things like trust, hope, and love are also lost. Promises are no more significant, the partners prefer keeping silent when together, and they also don’t give that much importance to each other’s choice also.

Both the partners start living in a very cold atmosphere around them and them build a wall restricting the entry of each other in their respective lives. They do not realize when things become worst from bad and a time comes when they may not even like to see each other’s face also.

What To Do When You Start Noticing These Signs

Separating from the person, with whom you had promised to spend your entire life unto death, in happiness or sorrow, is not the only solution for a bad marriage. Situations can be improved if worked upon. If you are getting the signs that your marriage is losing its charm, you should not ignore them instead you should try to work upon them and try to make efforts to save your marriage.

If you see that your partner is not giving you time or is keeping very busy, take the imitative of fixing up a lunch date or a dinner date with him or her. You may even surprise him or her by organizing a lunch or a candle light dinner. Sending flowers is another good option which can be considered.

Sending his or her favorite flowers at his or her work place will make them happy as well as remind of you. Even gifts can be sent along with the flowers. Chocolates, perfumes or anything which they like. These efforts will make them feel that you still care for them and miss them when they are not around.

When marriage starts giving you bad feelings you need to revive it by making it livelier. At such point of time you need to behave like teenagers who date each other. So consider yourself and your partner to be teenagers and do crazy things to get life in your marriage. Send love messages to him or her every half an hour, bunk your office and go for a movie or a play, hold his or her hand while walking, etc. These will definitely work to bring that lost charm in your marriage.

How To Identify And Deal With A Bad Marriage » Signs Of Bad Marriages

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The best thing which should be done when a person is facing a bad marriage is to try to grab your partner’s attention. For women this task is very easy. Change your wardrobe and wear dresses which your partner likes, wear perfumes of his or her choice, look geodetic. Another good way of grabbing your partner’s attention is to cook good food for them. Especially for males it is said that their stomach is the way to their heart. So if you want to win his heart make him good food.

So many times people, who are standing on the verge of separating from each other, get back with to their married lives with the same partner. Friends, family, councilors, lawyers, etc. play a very significant role when a marriage is about to be called off. They should try to make both, husband and wife the importance of being together. They should coax them to try to resolve whatever issues they have and get their married life going.

The worst consequences of a bad marriage fall upon the children. The parents are not able to pay attention to their children because of their problems with each other and as a result the children suffer a lot academically, mentally, physically, etc.

Why Do These Signs Occur At All

Bad marriages are a consequence of a number of reasons. These could be very minor also and could be very major also. But even minor issues give a lot of trouble to the partners. For e.g. in India arrange Marriage is a very prevalent culture according to which the parents choose the bride or the groom for their son or daughter.

Many times after the marriage the boy and girl may not find any compatibility between each other which may ultimately result in a bad marriage. As opposed to this culture, in western countries youngsters choose their life partners themselves. But even their marriage faces issues some times.

In these countries children are given a lot of freedom since childhood and therefore they do whatever they feel like without realizing the consequences. Same thing happens when they choose their life partner. They think that they can spend their entire lives with a person with whom they like spending time or talking to that person etc.

Job or business can also be the reasons for the problems occurring in the marriage as the husband may be busy in his job or business and therefore is not able to give time to his wife and family. This in turn may create anger and depression in the wife or vice versa. In today’s fast moving world and with competition growing everyday people develop an urge to make a lot of money neglecting their families which many a times leads to many problems.

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