How To Identify Symptoms Of Rabies In People » Symptoms Of Rabies In People

How To Identify Symptoms Of Rabies In People » Symptoms Of Rabies In People

How To Identify Symptoms Of Rabies In People » Symptoms Of Rabies In PeopleRabies is a very dangerous disease that is caused by the rabies virus. The virus enters the human body usually through bites of animals infected with rabies and attacks the Central Nervous System (CNS).

The result is an acute form of encephalitis or swelling of the brain. The disease is so dangerous that if the infection is not immediately treated the patient may start convulsions followed by respiratory failure which results in death. Almost all the patients who get infected face the same result.

Though most of the cases of rabies occurring in developing countries are caused by dog bites, bites from wild animals like foxes, raccoons, bats, skunks, etc. too can cause the disease. So the developed countries cannot be said to be immune from the disease. Even today, the number of deaths around the world is over 50,000 and sadly most of the victims are children. So it is very important to identify the symptoms very early so that it can stand some chance of cure.

Symptoms of Rabies In People

Incubation period

The incubation period, or the time taken from getting infected to manifestation of the symptoms, can take anything from 30 to 90 days. But in some cases it may show as early as within 10 days to a year or more.

Early Symptoms

In the early stages of infection the person may feel pin-prick like itching, tingling and pain in the bitten area. He or she may also get headache and fever. Muscle ache, fatigue, irritability may also accompany these symptoms. These symptoms can last for a couple of days to about a week. This happens in the acute cases and the period is often referred to as the acute incubation period.

However, this is not the only incubation period. Another phase occurs over a longer time period and then the sets of later symptoms show up. This second phase, or the latent incubation period, lasts for about 3 to 7 weeks. But periods ranging between a week to 10 years have also been reported. During the incubation period no symptoms can be seen.

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Later Symptoms

How To Identify Symptoms Of Rabies In People » Symptoms Of Rabies In People

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The early symptoms may develop into more serious symptoms. The person suffering from rabies starts showing abnormal and bizarre behavior which alternates with periods of normal behavior. Such abnormal behavior may include hallucinations, agitation and anxiety, and delirium. Confusion, spasms in the face, neck and diaphragm and seizures may follow soon and finally the patient goes into coma.

Hydrophobia is a distinctive symptom of rabies. When exposed to water, the patient starts to develop spasms and irregular contractions. Sometimes they show similar conditions when exposed to puffs of air blown at them and this is called aerophobia.

This condition better not arise because this means that the patient is going beyond hope. From this stage onwards, the various organs of the infected person start to fail. The end result is death and then no medication or life support system can be of any use.

In paralytic rabies, a form that has been associated with bites from vampire bats, the area that has been bitten suffers paralysis which soon spreads to the other parts of the body. The result here is also death. However, in this case the infected person does not generally show signs of hydrophobia.

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