How to Identify Various Risk Factors During Pregnancy

How to Identify Various Risk Factors During Pregnancy

How to Identify Various Risk Factors During Pregnancy - High Risk Factors in PregnancyMotherhood is the most sought after status in life of a majority of married women. It is a heavenly feeling that remains unparalleled with any other feeling in the life. A woman longs to experience this pleasure at least once in her life time.

But as with all other things, the state of pregnancy comes along with several other concerns as well. The most important thing they keep in consideration while expecting a baby is not the gender of the neonate, but that it is born healthy, fit and normal. A normal baby brings pleasure to the whole family, and it doesn’t matter what sex it belongs to. Moreover, how healthy the mother is going to be during the phase of motherhood remains another crucial factor.

Pregnancy gets critical when a fault of a severe nature or a serious health condition of the pregnant woman signals at several underlying risk factors both for her as well as the would be born kid. It might trigger at a difficult delivery or even life threatening consequences for the baby as well as the mother.

Let us identify the various circumstances that target at the critical pregnancy and subsequent high risk factors.

Age of the pregnant woman

The age of child bearing is very important factor. A woman is healthy to bear a child when she is 18 years and above of age. This phase continues till she is 35 years old. There are women who get pregnant while still a minor, which is, still in an age below 18 years. This is a high risk age since the reproductive and child gearing organs do not develop fully. This causes serious concerns, in most of the cases, when such a woman gets pregnant.

Similarly, in case of a matured woman who has crossed the age of 35 and has attained motherhood, is vulnerable to several health risks and, ailments. These reproductive organs now gradually cease to function optimally and the hormone production of the body also starts to cease, focusing towards biological infertility, by and large.

Height of the woman

If a woman is of an average height of less than 4 feet and 6 inches that is very serious concern when she is expecting a baby. Owing to her diminished height, her reproductive organs, the uterus where the foetus is supposed to live and grows everything is diminished. This makes the woman incapable to carry a healthy and fully grown foetus in her womb during the final, matured months before delivery.This may lead to miscarriages. Again, due to an insufficiently grown womb, the baby may even die unborn due to insufficiency of space to grow and develop, fully and healthily. They are even born underweight and as a result impoverished.

Case of a prior abortion

Risk factor persists even when a woman has case of a prior abortion. In this case, what happens is that, many of the unfortunate times the fallopian tubes either get totally or partially blocked in the period of post operation due to infection and other medical causes. When there is a full blockage,being pregnant itself becomes problematic. In case of partial blockage, the fetus may grow incompletely or remain underdeveloped.

Pre term delivery

One of the most common terms we come across is ‘preterm delivery’. Actually this means the birth of the child before the scheduled date. This brings with it several complications. When the preterm delivery is closer or maybe fifteen days or a month before the actually scheduled date by the doctor, the risks are a bit less. But if it is much earlier, risks are that the kid may even die, since it is not at all fully developed, its organs remain diminished, brain development is not completed and is severely underweight. If even such babies survive, chances are that they may be born mentally and physically handicapped and abnormal.

History of chromosomal abnormal abnormality

If a mother is conceiving for the second time and has given birth to a child before hand, who suffers from chromosomal abnormality of any sort like Edward’s Syndrome, Down Syndrome or Patau syndrome, then there are a great deal of chances that the second baby that is developing inside the womb will inherit similar types of chromosomal disorientation.

Overweight mother

If a mother is obese her excess body weight is most likely to put her in the category of a high risk pregnancy. The excess fat deposit in her body creates fat linings inside the walls of the uterus, ovary and other reproductive organs. The mother, in severe cases of obesity, is also liable of getting vulnerable to heart attacks and strokes. This is threatening for the life of the mother as well as the child in the womb.

HIV history

One of the raging factors that can make a woman and her yet to be born child enter a high risk pregnancy zone is HIV. If the mother is an AIDS patient then it is very likely that she will pass on this disease to her foetus. The typical problem that an HIV patient faces is that the victim has an extremely low immunity system and is easily susceptible to any sort of infection or virus that gets significantly dangerous for the person. Thus an HIV affected neonate will also have an extremely diminished immunity system and cannot strive properly.

Smoking and alcohol addictions

If the would be mother is an alcoholic and is a smoker, that is of a great concern to the would-be -born kid. If the mother continues to be an alcoholic, then it is detrimental for the baby as after the intake of alcohol it gets mixed with the blood and flows to the entire body through the blood stream, thereby making the whole body numb. This is then passed on to the blood of the baby from the mother and causes serious concerns. Similarly, when a mother goes on smoking while pregnant, the nicotine that enters get absorbed inside her body affect the lungs functioning of the baby as well as it will become underweight, which is a serious issue to ponder upon.

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