How To Impress a Guy

How To Impress a Guy

How To Impress a Guy - Ways To Impress a Guy & Tips For Impressing a Guy » How To Impress a GuyIf you like a guy but all your efforts to grab his attention are getting you nowhere, perhaps there are some mistakes you are making. Let’s find out what they are:

A biggest turn off for a guy is when a girl tries to pretend what she is not. Don’t be conscious in his presence. Neither should you start behaving overtly loud and attention-seeking nor go all scarlet and start blushing out of shyness. Even if you want him desperately, why let him know? Just be natural and fun to be around with. He will want to befriend you and who knows in what direction this friendship might turn.

You can start by striking a casual conversation with him asking about some little details like does he enjoy his work or which movie has he seen recently. Beware of asking very personal questions in the beginning. He might find you too nosy and interfering.

Most girls hesitate when it comes to making the first move. But, on the contrary guys can find it really cool. Don’t hesitate girl, what worst can happen? You won’t be able to get him. A try always has hope and chance. You never know.

You could casually flirt with him like you do with your other male friends but give him a little more attention to let him know that you like him. You can also compliment him casually as you flirt like ending your flirtations by casually complimenting him. Guys like to be made good about themselves.

Always respond him with a big natural smile. Look him directly into the eye but don’t stare. The eye contact should not be more than two seconds.Don’t go overly dressed up like for a prom night. Doing make up is good but don’t get decked up. Wearing a light and natural looking makeup is best. Dress up cutely. But don’t forget to put on a sweet perfume. What better than a well dressed and sweet scented girl approaching you.

If you have been trying to impress a guy for long but haven’t been able to, look your best every time you meet him but don’t give him much attention. This will compel him to notice you.

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