How to Impress Women at Beach

How to Impress Women at Beach

How to Impress Women at Beach - Great Place To Meet Women - Beach Accessories » How to Impress Women at BeachThe beach is a great place to meet women. You get a chance to see what her body really looks like and you can assume she is comfortable with her body. Therefore, men must also look their best when going to the beach. There are some simple ways to look great and, still be cool and comfortable at the beach.

Shoes to Protect Your Feet
J-Crew is known for their thongs sandals that have been a major part of our lives for years. Well, now you can take them to the beach and feel great. They are comfortable, strong and athletic.

If you don’t want to mess your J-Crews, you can get these Kenneth Cole X-Men 2 sandals. Made from all rubber, these are great for the beach and will protect your feet from the hot sand. These are easy to clean and dry, not to mention super comfortable.

Ditch Your Old Trunks
There have been several improvements in trunks since you grew up. DKNY Trunks are perfect blend of cotton and nylon with ample pocket space. These are the grown man swimming trunks. These are knee length so they show off just the right amount of leg and will never weigh you down. Plus, the great elastic drawstring will hold them up.

Make Their Mouth Water with a Speedo
Speedos are always a classic beach outfit. Made to maximize swimming technique and make you more aerodynamic, but not everyone can wear Speedos. If you have the athletic build necessary to make these little things look good, feel free. Ralph Lauren’s version of these snug swimming shorts is for all you logo lovers. You get all the appeal of the Speedo short but you also get the famous Polo Horse to let others know you have class. Plus, it features a secure pocket and discreet drawstring.

If you do not have the athletic beach body we all fantasize about, throw on a simple white tee shirt with your trunks. It is cool so you won’t be hot and looks great with everything. You can pair it with trunks or let it dry and wear it with your jeans later. Either way, it is an essential beach accessory.

The Coolest Beach Bag
The Abercrombie & Fitch Thurman Pack is great for carrying all these beach accessories. It has padded shoulder pads and plenty of space for everything you need. You will also be able to pack a picnic and clothes for later.

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