How To Improve Sex Life With Vitamins

How To Improve Sex Life With Vitamins

How To Improve Sex Life With Vitamins - Vitamins To Increase Libido In MenVitamins play vital role in boosting your immune system and your sex drive. They also protect you from almost all ailments. Given below are some vitamins that boost sex drive.

Vitamin A:

Men can become impotent due to high deficiency of vitamin A. This proves how important Vitamin A is for sexual activities. Its deficiency also affects your vision and you start suffering from poor eyesight. Dandruff and skin problems also cause due to Vitamin A deficiency. Progesterone which is a sex hormone is regulated with the help of Vitamin A. This increases the desire for sex and love feeling. Vitamin A is found in carrots in huge quantity. You can also obtain Vitamin A from spinach, mangoes, liver, cod liver oil, sweet potato, capsicum etc.

But don’t consume vitamin A in excess quantity because overdose of vitamin A is injurious to your health.

Vitamin B1:

It produces energy throughout your system that leads to increase in libido. It soothes your nerves and is good for your brain. It relieves depression and stress symptoms. Since all your sexual activities and sexual feelings are operated and regulated from your brain, your brain needs to remain healthy. Vitamin B1 plays vital role in keeping your brain healthy which eventually increases your sex drive.

Vitamin B3:

It is also known as niacin, helps in releasing energy from the foods you eat. Thus you feel energetic after consuming nutritious foods. This vitamin is a well known vitamin to cure depression and various mental disorders. Vitamin B3 is effective in treating schizophrenia, dizziness and ringing in the ears. This vitamin stimulates sex drive by increasing the blood flow to your sexual organs and skin. It is very good for intensifying the orgasm. Sunflower seeds, peanuts, chicken, beef liver, salmon etc are good sources of niacin.

Vitamin B6

It is also a well known to increase libido and sex drive because it controls elevated prolactin. This vitamin also increases male hormone production especially testosterone. Stress is a great cause for the reduction of sex drive but eggs are excellent foods to relive stress because eggs contain vitamin B6. Eventually your sex drive gets enhanced. Avocado and Salmon are also good sources of B6 vitamin and thus if you consume salmon and avocado regularly, your sex drive would be enhanced.

Vitamin E:

This vitamin is very effective in enhancing sex drive and also known as sex vitamin. This vitamin is a very powerful antioxidant which fights cancer and prevents prostate cancer. It helps in the production of testosterone hormone (male sex hormone) which is essential for men sexual functions and sex desire. This vitamin is excellent in enhancing mood and libido in men as well as in women. Almonds, asparagus, sunflower oil, cod liver oil, soya bean oil, egg yolk, walnuts, Brazil nuts etc are good sources of vitamin E.

Vitamin D:

It is an essential vitamin to increase testosterone hormone. Testosterone hormone is a hormone which is responsible for almost all functions related to sex. Reduced level of testosterone level means reduced level of sex desire, weak erection, low sperm count etc. You can get vitamin D from sunlight and foods such as eggs, cod liver oil, fortified butters etc.

Vitamin C:

Without this vitamin the list of sex vitamins would remain incomplete. This vitamin improves blood flow to sexual organs, cures erectile dysfunction, helps in increasing testosterone hormone and leads to high volume of sperm count. Lemon, oranges, papaya, mangoes etc are good sources of vitamin C.

Any vitamin is going to work only if you also exercise regularly. Hence you need to exercise daily for 30 minutes to increase sex drive.

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