How to Improve the Keeping Quality of an Apple

How to Improve the Keeping Quality of an Apple

How to Improve the Keeping Quality of an Apple - What Care should be Taken While Cultivating, Harvesting, Packing & Storing of apple | Tips on - Find TipsKeeping Quality

A high quality apple having good shelf life can be produced only with proper production, harvesting and post harvesting techniques. Special care should be taken at the time of harvesting itself as this will provide red color to the apple which is preferred by the end customers. After harvesting we can only maintain the quality that persists. So cares should be taken while cultivating.

Care to be Taken While Cultivating

Fruits obtained from a plant that is susceptible to a stress of over or little water have low keeping quality. Excessive use of fertilizer, insecticides and pesticides results in low quality. High level of nitrogen and mechanical injury while inter cultural operations causes post harvest diseases. Pest and diseases infestation reduces the quality and shelf life of the apple. Soil and climatic conditions will affect the nutritional quality of the apple.

Care to be Taken While Harvesting

a. Harvesting must be done at proper stage and size when the quality is at its peak. Immature and over mature fruits will deteriorate faster.

b. Harvesting must be done depending on the market distance or purpose.

c. Harvest apple at early morning or late evening as it helps to avoid the exposure of apple to excess heat.

d. Harvesting has to be done with suitable harvesting devices. Use harvester with sharp cutting edge and plastic net to avoid the bruises. Give proper training to the laborer as any damage to the skin or tree cause the entry point to pathogens. It will also results in the loss of moisture.

e. Harvesting while raining or frost will adversely affect the quality of the apple.

Care to be Taken While Packing

a. Wash the fruits prior to packing will help to reduce the skin bruises. It will also help to remove the mud, dirt and chemical residues over the fruit.

b. Discard the rotten, decayed, infested and broken apples while packing as it will diminish the keeping quality of the healthy ones.

c. Avoid loose or tight packing while transporting the fruits.

d. Grade the apple according to the color, maturity, size will improve the shelf life and appearance.

Care to be Taken While Storing

a. Pre cooling is a technique used to reduce the field heat of the apple harvested.

b. Apples are then stored in appropriate low temperature and high humidity to increase the shelf life and quality. The ideal temperature for cooling apples is 32 degree F. The most the commonly used methods of cooling are Room cooling, Forced Air Cooling, Hydro Cooling etc

c. Wax coating containing fungicides at optimum concentration is used to protect the apples.

d. Reflective particle films are used to improve the quality of the apples. Sprayable particle based reflective films increased the red color of the apple.

e. Apple puree having various concentrations of fatty acids, fatty alcohols, beeswax, and vegetable oil are used to make edible coatings and films. These coatings will improve the quality and shelf life of the apples by reducing the moisture loss and color change.

f. Controlled Atmospheric condition having a ratio of 3% O2, 5% CO2 and 92 % Nitrogen will improve the quality and shelf life.

A beautifully red and crisp apple is preferred by every one.

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