How to Increase Fiber in your Diet

How to Increase Fiber in your Diet

How to Increase Fiber in your Diet - High Fiber Diets - Rich In Fiber Foods - Low Fiber Foods » Ways to Augment Fiber Content in the Daily DietTo be healthy, it is vital to include fiber in the diet. It is not only healthy but also helps in maintaining the weight. Fiber should be a part of the daily diet and the ideal fiber content that is needed for an adult per day is 18gms.

And children should have proportionately less. In case you are not having the necessary fiber, here are some ideas to increase the fiber content in the food that you eat.

You should not suddenly increase the fiber content in your food. Moving from one extreme to another immediately is not good. So gradually you have to move from a low fiber food to high fiber food.

Since, a sudden change can result in gastric problems and dysentery. The abrupt increase will affect the intestine and that will affect the health immediately.

Fiber is not absorbed easily by the body and hence it takes time to digest. So you have to augment the consumption of fluids. Otherwise it can cause damage to the cells.

Fiber content can be gradually increased by having one foodstuff which is rich in fiber. First day you can start with cornflakes for the breakfast. The next day you can add a pear or an apple sometime during the lunch.

The third day you can add a tin of baked beans for dinner. So by increasing this way each day, you can augment up to the suggested quantity of fiber without causing damage to the intestine.

You can also mix up the food which is rich in fiber. For instance you can mix the grains, vegetables and fruits to make a nice dish.

Alternatively, fiber content can be increased by checking the food label while buying foodstuff. Choose the product which has more fiber content. For instance whole wheat bread has more fiber than white bread.

Fiber has the quality of a sponge. So when you consume more fiber you have to drink lots of fluid, else, the fiber will pull in all the fluid that should to for the cells. Hence you should drink a minimum of eight glasses of water per day.

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