How to Increase iPhone 3G Battery Life

How to Increase iPhone 3G Battery Life

How to Increase iPhone 3G Battery Life - Tips to Extend iPhone 3G Battery - iPhone Battery Tips | Tips on - Find TipsUsers of iPhone 3G often realize that the 3G connectivity and the large number of apps are sucking the juice of their iPhone battery. However, there are a number of ways of increasing the battery life of the iPhone 3G.

Turn off 3G
Despite of the fast speed of connectivity, 3G also drains your battery. Turn off the 3G and connect via other networks, such as EDGE or GPRS. You might use different networks for different uses. For browsing or for important calls you could use 3G and for others EDGE, Wi-Fi or GRPS will work fine.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use
Wi-Fi network uses less power than 3G and EDGE, but when you are not using it, always turn it off and especially turn off the Wi-Fi scanning. To save your iPhone’s battery life also turn off Bluetooth when not in use.

Adjust brightness
Although the iPhone 3G has a very bright screen resolution but to save your battery life reduce the level of brightness.

Avoid vibrate in games
You might love the sensation produced by it, but vibrates produced frequently while playing mobile games reduce battery life.

Turn off navigation applications
GPS tracking still has limited usability but it sucks up a lot of your precious iPhone battery. To extend your phone’s battery life minimize use of mapping services.

Use iTunes to purchase songs and apps
Instead of using your iPhone to buy apps and songs, use your computer to buy them from iTunes and synchronize them to your iPhone.

Use Airplane Mode
In areas with poor or low cellular network coverage, turn your iPhone to Airplane Mode. The propensity of your iPhone to constantly keep connected to your cellular network diminishes battery life. The Airplane Mode will save your battery juice in poor network zones.

Adjust you mail settings
Do not check your emails frequently. Turn off your push mail accounts when you do not need them.

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