How To Increase My Life Span Years

How To Increase My Life Span Years

How To Increase My Life Span Years - Health Tips for Living Longer - Stable Relationship » How to add more years to your lifeWondering how you can add more years to your present life? Certainly if you really want to live till 100 years of your age, then make sure you include little habits such as brushing your teeth everyday,washing your hands etc in your daily lifestyle. Believe me; these small activities can increase your life span without any sense of doubt. Read out some more such activities which can seriously add more years to your life.

Do you know that washing your hands add two more years to your life? believe me good dental hygiene can add six more years to your life, so keep yourself clean and hygienically perfect both internally as well as externally.

There’s no doubt that younger people take their life and health for granted by ignoring the activities which keeps them on a fitter and healthier level. Remember that smoking, fast food, zero exercise level and a stressful life can strip away 20 years from your total life span. So, make sure you to change your lifestyle pattern before it’s too late for you.

Being in a stable relationship also helps adding more years to your life. It had been proved that men and women who are in stable relationships are much more healthier, wealthier and happier and lead longer lives than who are divorced or suffering from breaking relationship. It has been also confirmed that married couples are more likely to live to an old age than their single counterparts. A stable relationship can actually add on seven more years to your existing life. But remember that a divorce can strip away three years from your life as it takes longer –lasting, emotional and physical toll on former spouses than virtually other life stresses. Also, Divorced adults suffer from higher rates of emotional disturbance, accidental death and heart related diseases.

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