How To Increase Natural Testosterone Production

How To Increase Natural Testosterone Production

How To Increase Natural Testosterone Production - How to Increase Testosterone Naturally - How to Increase Testosterone Levels » Increase Natural TestosteroneTestosterone can be defined as the primary hormone or rather a factor contributing to the libido increase, lean muscle tissue increase, bone formation, immune function, and energy rise.

This hormone, which is produced in the body of every human, contributes to the growth of muscles and serves as the main reason for its need and its increase in the levels. In order to acquire more muscle growth, more testosterone needs to be produced in the human body.

So, in order to achieve that purpose, we need to find a way to increase the levels of testosterone to speed up the process of muscle growth.

Muscle building is said to be directly proportional to the amount of testosterone produced in our body. The more you produce, the faster and easier muscle growth becomes.

There are a few methods in which we can increase our natural testosterone levels by quite a large amount namely training techniques and proper diet. They are –

Performing exercises such as rows, chin-ups, lunges, dips, military presses, bench presses, dead lifts, and squats will produce a lot of strain in the muscles during a workout in a gym and will act as a catalyst in the increase of testosterone levels in our body.

The amount of stress and training placed on the legs should be equal to that of the upper half of the body to stimulate testosterone production.

The amount of intensity put in the training also contributes to the increase in testosterone levels. The more you put in, the better results that are obtained. The more consumption of alcohol, the less is the increase of testosterone level.

Increase in the levels of testosterone can be done by going on a diet consisting of required fatty acid food items like flax seed oil, olive and canola oils, avocados, peanuts, and fish.

Food items like brussel sprouts, cabbage, turnips, broccoli, cauliflower, and radishes, on daily consumption reduce estrogen levels rapidly, thereby increasing testosterone. Lowering the stress levels prevents the production of cortisol, which hinders the increase in the testosterone levels.

Active participation in sexual activity helps in the production of oxytocin in the body, which contributes to the increase in endorphin levels and in turn increasing the testosterone levels.

Prevention of over training and good amount of sleep are essential factors in increasing the testosterone levels. Natural testosterone levels can be increased by adopting synthetic or natural methods. Though the natural methods of testosterone increasing is preferred over the synthetic methods by a lot of people.

Transdermal patches can be used to increase the testosterone levels naturally wherein they are applied to certain areas of the skin. The testosterone is then absorbed by the body via the skin and finally into the bloodstream.

Many supplements help in the increase of testosterone levels such as pellets or injections or testosterone gels and creams. Finally, the choice between synthetic or natural methods depends upon our requirement and suitability.

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